Improve reading skills Improve reading skills

Reading skill is very important. Understanding a text in the correct context and while reading it is a skill which is useful everywhere. Be it reading terms of agreements or other official document or even novels, newspapers or curriculum material, being a good reader helps a lot. If you are finding it hard to read and need some tips and tricks which might help you get better then these 5 tips might be helpful. Remember each tip might not work for everyone but hopefully, you will find something of use. Also, these tips aren’t magic mantras rather they will help you build a habit and get better with time.

1. Schedule Special Time For Reading

This is a very useful tip as it will develop your habit of reading. You need to squeeze in a set amount of time every day to carry on with your reading. It can be one hour or two hours or more depending on your schedule. Just remember that this time needs to be completely free from other work. You cannot be distracted by other stuff. Also, make sure you hit the set amount of time every day. You can increase go over your set time boundary but never under it. This will slowly build and strengthen the habit of reading in you.

2. Fix The Amount Of Reading

Once you have been able to fix a schedule during your everyday routine for your reading activity it is time to fix a certain volume. This can be in terms of the number of pages or the number of words which you are going to read. Choose an amount you are comfortable with and will be able to hit the target. But don’t keep an underwhelming target. Here too the above rule applies, that is, you can go over your target whenever you feel like but never go under. As your reading speed builds up you can increase the volume of the material you are reading. You can read a good novel if you like.

3. Read The Newspaper

This is another important thing to do if you want to improve your reading skill. You can push it in your reading schedule but be sure to have other reading materials as well. One does the reasons as to why reading a newspaper is important is that you will be able to familiarise yourself with the daily vocabulary and the words that are currently in use. Also, you will be able to develop a better idea about society. But you might get bored or not feel like it so better to install a news app on your phone and toggle to the section you enjoy or are interested in.

4. Keep a Dictionary Handy

You need to keep a Dictionary Handy when you are trying to practice your reading skills. Whenever you get a difficult word or any word whose meaning you do not know underline it and look for its meaning. I would suggest you install any dictionary app on your phone and use it whenever required. An additional thing one can do is to have a special diary where they can write the words they learnt that day. This can be even on your phone. This will help you have a list of good words on you all the time.

5. Write or Summarize

Writing and reading a feed of each other if done correctly. Once you have read something, say an article, you can go ahead and summarize the content and see whether you are able to write it or not. It will not only develop your reading and writing skill but also help you check if you have understood the content correctly or not. You can also try to use the words you have jotted down. This is to inculcate a good habit in you to actually use the words you have learnt.

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