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The majority of smokers who quit say they have supportive partners to thank.

The first days and weeks after quitting will challenge you both. Anything that fell into your partner’s daily routine will be a potential trigger.

That said, you would be surprised the level of influence you can have over your partner’s health!

That’s why we compiled some tips on how to help someone stop smoking. Read on so you and your partner can start a new, healthy life together!

Prepare for Withdrawal Symptoms

If your partner liked smoking after a meal or a drink, you won’t be able to avoid those activities entirely. Your partner may need someone around to help them say no during these times of day.

Get rid of any evidence of smoking around the house. If you smoke or your partner is exposed to smoking at home or at work, let others know your situation.

Let your family know your partner wants to be a quitter, not a follower. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries or avoid people who smoke, especially when first quitting.

If you were quitting sweets, you wouldn’t want to be surrounded by them, right?

Express Your Support

Dating a smoker who doesn’t want to quit? The person quitting should be the one making this choice, and you can choose to actively support that decision. When they decide to quit, sit down and talk shop. Let them clarify whether they want you checking in regularly or praising them as needed.

If your partner has a setback (avoid the concept of failure here), know that they likely will be ready to try again. They may not be ready to start over immediately, so sometimes support will need to come in the form of patience.

Keep Your Partner Busy

Stay as active as possible. Regular exercise provides natural endorphins and trains your brain to like physical activity more.

Your partner probably misses the experience of smoking as much as the nicotine itself. Fortunately, there are way healthier things they can smoke.

A great way to turn that addiction into a manageable habit is by vaping. Aspire vape has a wide selection of vaping products that cater to an ex-smoker’s needs.

Reward Their Progress

No milestone is too small to celebrate! Use some of the money saved from quitting for tickets to a show or a fancy night out. Plan a daily walk or bike ride that you and your partner can enjoy.

Filling that time gives them a chance to think about positive things instead of dwelling on their lack of nicotine. Consider trying a new food or seeing a movie in theaters.

If you are more active as part of your new lifestyle, buy new tennis shoes or exercise equipment. Nothing feels better than investing in yourself!

Resources on How to Help Someone Stop Smoking

If your partner is quitting cold turkey, they will require more than willpower. A weekly support group may seem silly to some, but it’s a way to stay busy without forgetting the end goal.

You can even use your phone as a tool for success! Look for a physician-approved app that helps you plan your steps towards quitting. You can track your partner’s progress and cravings as you go.

If you have serious concerns about your partner, keep SAMHSA’s emergency number on hand.

Take Things One Step at a Time

Remember, these tips aren’t just for learning how to help someone stop smoking.

At the end of the day, your role is all about being there for your partner. You and your partner will both be happier in the long run if you put your health first.

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