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Did you know flower-giving is quite popular in the month of May? People love to send flowers for various occasions. 

Consider learning how to arrange your flower arrangement to give to loved ones or friends. If you would like to know about arranging flower bouquets, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn about different types of flowers. Flower arrangements for a loved one or a relative will certainly brighten their day.

Check out our tips below.

Determine the Occasion

Before you create a flower atangemny you should think about the occasion. Are you sending someone get well flowers or is it a get well bouquet?

Understanding the occasion will help you determine the appropriate flower arrangement.

Spend some time looking on Pinterest to gather inspiration. you can figure out what flowers suit different events.

For example, on Valentine’s Day, people usually send dark red roses or pink and red carnations.

For someone who is at the hospital recovering from surgery, send yellow cheerful flowers or tulips. 

Detail Flowers and Greenery

Usually, your detail flowers are more light and delicate. They will add a sense of movement or lightness to the arrangement.

People will often crown roses with a baby’s breath. You could also use sweet peas, cosmos, or butterfly ranunculus.

You can add these to the arrangement’s end since these flowers have delicate stems.

Greenery will help build the shape of your arrangement and set up the base. You can use all kinds of different textures, shades, and shapes.

Have fun looking at different greenery options.

Trim Your Flowers on an Angle

Try to prepare your flower selection and cut them to a desired length.

You should make sure to cut them at an angle. This will ensure the stem has an appropriate surface area to absorb water.

Also, the branches won’t sit flatly on the bottom of the case and have issues drinking water.

Once you trim your stems, place them in water immediately. Some stems will form a scab over the cut, making it harder to absorb water later.

Some stems won’t do this, but it’s usually a good rule of thumb to put the flowers in the water directly.

Get Rid of Foliage Below Water Level

Bacteria can grow on the foliage and, in turn, cause your stunning flowers to die. You can begin stripping the stems with your hands.

You might need to use scissors or, even better, floral pruners. This will remove any foliage so it doesn’t end up sitting below the water.

Make Sure You Always Use Clean Vases

If you use the same vase repeatedly at home, you shouldn’t skip cleaning your vase.

You want to ensure you use a clean vase for each new arrangement. Clean the vase and remove any decay from the previous arrangement.

Change the Water Daily

Changing the water daily can ensure the blooms stay fresh and vibrant. You should do this because you’ll end up removing any sitting bacteria.

Removing the stems from the case might be challenging depending on the arrangement. If this is the case, try adding fresh water to the vase.

When you send a flower arrangement to your friend, remind them of this tip. 

Feed Your Flower Arrangement

Your flowers will stay vibrant for an extended period. You should also make sure to feed your flowers regularly.

Get flower feed to ensure your arrangements still have the appropriate nutrition.

Choose Focal Flowers

Focal flowers are the blooms that will stand out. They might be blooms with a unique texture or color that stands out.

Don’t put focal flowers, so they stick out straight at the sides. They will look top-heavy or droopy.

Try Using Seasonal Flowers

Another fun thing you can do is make the most of seasonal flowers. Try to pick up flowers that are in season for your new arrangement.

Beautiful flowers can often reflect the beauty of a region. Pick flowers from your garden, or ask a friend who has a stunning garden.

Try to Use Unique Elements

Make your arrangements intriguing and unique by using some nontraditional elements.

You can add blueberry branches or pomegranates. Anything that grows will likely look stunning in your arrangement.

Use Chicken Wire or Tape

You can keep your stems in place with a simple trick. Either use tape or chicken wire.

You can use this on a clear vase to keep a structure. Your flowers will stay rooted in place and have a symmetrical look.

Creating a Symmetrical Look

Look at creating a balanced arrangement. You don’t want some flowers to bend outside over the vase.

Some dainty flowers can get overwhelmed by big flowers. Think about the placement of these products so you don’t create an off balance floral arrangement.

Order Flowers Online

If you aren’t able to find the time to prepare an arrangement for a friend, you could order flowers.

Depending on where your friend lives, you could even look into an international flower delivery service.

Preparing Stunning Flower Arrangements

Prepare unique flower arrangements for your friends and loved ones.

Make sure you pick up clean vases and cut the stems at an angle. Tell your friends or loved ones to refresh the water daily.

Use different non-floral elements like a blueberry branch or fresh greens.

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