Dating couple wallpaper 2 Dating couple wallpaper 2

Dates are always been the most adorable and beautiful thing in a relationship which makes your bonding more interesting and strong. It not only will help you in understanding but it allow both of to get connected to each other in a more better way, giving time to each other is very important part of a any relationship no matter how busy your partner is the thing which matter is who are his/her priorities.

If it’s your first day then it has to be special and unique, after all it’s your date and the moment from where you are going to decide about your relationship. People send gifts like birthday gifts, Bhai-dooj gifts, mothers day gifts, valentine day gifts and many more occasional gifts because gifting is the way of stay connected to each other.

I know you are very nervous about your date, relax and take a long breathe and continue reading this article and I am sure you will gonna love this and will feel happy.

Rooftop Romance

One of my favorite things to do on a date, there is a point comes in everyone’s life when he wants to spend a night with having endless talks on rooftop. You can arrange a candle night dinner at the rooftop from where you can enjoy your dinner while watching stars and lightings of the city.

Go for a Snowy Date

Romance in the place where you can play with snow and make the moment special. Arrange a bonfire at the place from where you can watch the stars together and can also enjoy the temperature. To complete the date make coffee and enjoy it in a single blanket by hugging each other tightly.

Start the Date with Cake and Flower

Start the date with cake and flower

Choose the best dating place where you can talk to each other, share your feelings and discuss about your problems. Moreover enjoy the every single moment with each other as its your first date, so it’s your responsibility to make her feel comfortable. Just to welcome your date offer her a box of cake along with the beautiful bouquet of flowers, and making your task easy go for online cake delivery for better cake design as well as taste.

For  Clubbing or EDM night

I know this sounds a bit awkward to you but trust me this will work wonder if you really want to enjoy. Nowadays people are more into enjoy the moments with dance and involving with new people this way is a better option for the singles also as they might get someone over their. Dance is the activity in which you can get involve without any second thought, you will forget about your problems and get relaxed.

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Have a Beach Side Date

Slow breeze with light tickling sound of fireflies and the slow sound of the waves and sometimes you will get to see the sparklings of the water when it hits the beach side. Make the proper use of your date as it is your first date so try to impress her in a best possible way. Better beginning will lead to the better future.

A Beautiful Invitation

A beautiful invitation

Did you decide to go on your first date over a text or call?

Now that you are looking for some good ideas for your first date, you can send a beautiful invitation for the first date. Surprise your partner with a lovely hamper filled with edibles, flowers, and some other details attached with an invitation and beautiful note. Believe the smile on her face will be a beautiful moment as she will feel super special. If you can’t find a suitable hamper or an expensive option, you can also send a simple card with a handwritten note with their favorite flower stick as an invite to their first date. Remember, a special invitation will give a kick start to your first date plan.

A Cosy Netflix Date

A cosy netflix date

If you are looking forward to spending some beautiful cozy time with your partner, you can organize a cozy date in some hotel suite or at your home. We often couldn’t get a chance to sit and relax together and talk beside each other. You can decorate the room with fairy lights, order good food with popcorn and watch some romantic movies on Netflix, talk and share stories with each other; you can also add some board games as there are several couple board games available in the market you can order one and make it a beautiful yet different date.

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Cook Together on First Date

Cook together on first date

How about inviting her to your place and cooking together?

Isn’t it a great idea? It’s a first date worth remembering; decide something that you love having for dinner or lunch, go grocery shopping with that’s how you can have a good drive with them, and then cook together with endless conversations, laughs, and romance. You can put on some good music and dance while your spaghetti is boiling, serve each other, and you can decorate the place a little bit. You can take a couple of selfies; if possible, you can also order an instant mini camera. It will be a date worth remembering.

Take a Long Walk

Take a long walk

Who didn’t hear ed Sheeran’s perfect? As the lyrics state “walking under the streetlamp” so go for one. Ending your date with a beautiful long walk with good conversations is beautiful. By the time you are choosing a long walk, you guys must be comfortable enough to discuss each other’s personal, your previous relationship, and such other things.

Video Games- Could be Fun

Video games could be fun

How about playing video games together, whatever you have PlayStation, X box, or any other just play. You can keep a couple of drinks challenge each other, keep some rewards, and dares each other when you lose or win. Believe me, it will turn into the happiest moment for both of you and relaxing as well.

Stargazing on a River Side

Stargazing on a river side

Lay on the grass holding each other’s hand and talking about life while looking at the stars. All this looks like a movie scene to me but why not make it a part of your story too. Spot planets, shapes, and zodiacs and share what you feel about the star and surroundings, and what importance nature holds in your life. These topics seem very general but believe me the conversation turns special when you share them with the one you love.

Concert Night

Concert night

How about taking someone on a concert night on a first date, well before going on a first date you already get a kind of idea about their music taste. If your and their music taste is quite similar then you should surely plan a concert date with your partner and enjoy a cozy moment in a stadium filled with crowd. It is a kind of special feeling having someone beside you in a palace with thousands of unknown people.

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