Sell Your broken Mobile Phone

Why You Should Sell Your Mobile Phone Even If They are Broken?

Are you looking to sell mobile phone that is not in the best shape? Do you also think it is best to send it to the trash because it holds no value? Think again as there are good chances you might be able to sell your broken phone to a mobile recycling company. In this article, we take a look at how you can sell your broken mobile phones.

What does a broken mobile phone mean?

A broken device is something that will not work to its full capacity. There are various conditions that mobile buyback companies list that includes: like new, good, poor, faulty. The faulty condition means the handset will have some physical damage or errors with smooth functioning. It would include cracked screens, faulty touch screen, display or camera, water damage, charging failure, etc.

In case of like new, good or poor, there would be minor damages, but the device would work fully. Poor handsets will usually have heavy damages like scratches or dents on the body. In the case of minor damages, your device will still hold a lot of value.

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Are broken mobile phones worth anything?

Any mobile phone, irrespective of its damage, always holds some value. Handsets are expensive gadgets, and if you break them down, the individual parts have a lot to offer. Damages like a cracked screen or faulty battery can get repaired, making the handset look like a refurbished one. So it doesn’t matter what kind of damage your device has. You can still expect a decent resale value when you are selling broken mobile phones.

Is it worth repairing a broken mobile phone before selling it?

You might think that the broken phone will get you a lot less than one that is in a working condition. However, it is easier said than done. Buyback companies that buy old and broken mobile phones have huge repair facilities, which help them repair bulk devices at a cheap rate. It is what enables them to pay a decent amount for broken handsets.

If you try to repair the handset with an individual technician, you will have to pay the regular repair costs. So it is worth considering the time and money involved in getting the mobile repaired. If you are not getting a significantly higher amount, which would also cover the repair cost, it is not worth repairing your phone before selling it. You can sell the broken mobile phone at the highest price you are getting rather than facing the hassles of repairing it.

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Where can I sell broken mobile phones?

If you are looking to sell broken mobile phones, it is easy as you just need to keep a few things in mind. A specialist mobile phone buying and recycling company like Rapid Phone Buyers can be your ideal choice. You can start by getting a free quote from us by providing details like the brand, model, age and condition of your device.

Once you add all the details, you will receive a free quote, which you can accept if you are happy with the offer price. Upon acceptance of offer, you will have to provide your personal details to receive the packaging from us. When you send us the device, we will have a quick inspection to check the condition. If there are any discrepancies, we will offer a revised quote. In other cases, it will be business as usual, and you can expect to receive the payment within a few days.

We deal in all sorts of models from different brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, and much more. The condition of your old mobile phone does not matter as we will offer you the top cash, depending on the condition of the device. Contact us today to know more about services.

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