What to wear to a party What to wear to a party

Heading out to the casino for the first time? Not sure what is suitable?

Well, then you have arrived at the right place for just the information you need, to add spark to your night out.

If you are visiting a casino for the first time, then it is a good idea to call them up and enquire about all the necessary points they’ll want you to follow, including the dress code, of course. Some casinos make specific clothing items mandatory, and that’s legit because the rule is not just a rule. It is more about elegance, dignity, and respect for fellow gamblers. You will find these rules and regulations of dressing in top-notch casinos with a flavor of worldliness. However, some allow you to wear whatever you want; the preference is all yours. Yes, it can be confusing, but this comprehensive guide will help you through.

What should you wear?

Well, confirm with the establishment as there are different types of casinos. In the US, casinos are fun destinations where one can sit in front of a video poker machine and go on a gambling spree. In the UK, the picture is somewhat different. The gamblers need to appear in formals or plush suits and boots. If you visit Vegas, you’ll find men in Hawaiian shirts and three-quarter pants or cargo shorts here and there, things are casual and peppy, while in the UK, it is all about flamboyance, and refined taste.

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How do you fit in? 

If you want to blend in well, then obviously wear something that you will be able to carry, and for that, you need to feel comfortable in whichever apparel you are choosing to wear. Of course, if you feel confident, people will get drawn towards your charismatic personality, and no wonder you will be the star of the show. So, as a gambler, you must be aware of the raging styles in the casinos that you are expected to follow while visiting a luxurious one.

  • Black tie

If you go by what tradition says, then a black-tie dress code is pertinent for events taking place only after 6 pm. This comes under the “semi-formal” style of dressing. Nowadays, the black-tie wear is pretty much relaxed as women can go for palazzo pants and suits or a bodycon dress or an evening ball-gown along with diamond jewelry (optional but looks classy). Men who would want to opt for the black-tie dress code must team up their black bow tie with a white shirt, a waistcoat or dinner jacket (black or midnight blue wool), black oxford style leather shoes. In Europe, if you are planning to visit the famous casino, Monte-Carlo, or preparing to attend VIP events at well-known casinos in Vegas or Atlantic City, then you must be ready for the black-tie dress code.

  • Black tie optional

Think of this one as a formal dress code with an emphasis on the “dark suit, white shirt, and a tie” thing. It comes under a business-casual type of dressing. Hence, this one is easy to choose, and you’ll find something or the other in your wardrobe to wear that will go well with this type of dress code.

  • Semiformal

This one is really interesting, and people want this more as this one falls somewhere between formal and informal. The semiformal dress code is apt for events that happen in the morning. Flowy dresses, long dressy skirt along with matching blouse, a little black dress or a cocktail dress are all very attractive semiformal-wear for lovely women out there. Men, on the other hand, can opt for a dark business suit teamed up with a matching vest or a solid dress shirt along with a tie. To jazz up the entire look, a pair of formal leather shoes with dark dress socks is a perfect option.

  • Business casual

This one, perhaps, is the most common dressing style you’ll find. Choices for women in the business casuals category not vary as women are expected to wear a skirt or khakis, or pants. They can pair their ensemble with a collared shirt, knit shirt, or sweater, with special attention to the fact that cleavage is not visible. Business casuals don’t allow women to wear revealing clothes; this means that the clothes enhance femininity in a very elegant manner. In the case of men, a seasonal sport coat or blazer with slacks or khakis or a casual shirt with open-collar or even a polo t-shirt paired with loafers can augment the perfect business-casual look. However, business casual dressing style not allow in VIP casinos of Vegas as well as the Atlantic City. So, in case you are okay with not visiting the fancy casinos out there, business-casual can be your pretty comfortable choice.

  • Casual

So, let us first clarify “casuals” doesn’t mean you will wear anything to the casino. You must follow the standards such as any military garment is not casual, a tie is not casual, semi-formal wear such as suits or boots are not casual-wear. You can wear jeans, casual t-shirts (polo or turtleneck, avoid wearing t-shirts with slogans printed on them), ruffled tops, Bermuda shorts, a casual shirt, sneakers or loafers but no flip-flops, etc. The bright side is, in the US, you will find the majority of the casinos out there will allow you in casuals.

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Irrespective of what you are wearing, it is always important to be comfortable but maintain your hygiene as you will be close to several people. Generally, some VIP areas will require you to follow a specific dress code, and some casinos do not allow t-shirt with slogans or flip-flops. So, if you can research a little before visiting the casino, well and good but, if you wish to call them up, do it. To be on the safe side, you can follow a smart casual style and opt for dark colors to look chic.

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