Date dress for guys Date dress for guys

Congratulations on choosing the time and place for your first date. Now you have to make a great impression on her.

You may be decision-fatigued. Will I be able to make a great impression? What if I make a mistake? What dress do I wear on my first date? Such thoughts may haunt our inner spirits.

Trust me, you are not alone. This is a really normal situation for any boy. If you stick to some basics, you will win her attention on your very first date. Or your prom date. So be confident in your pro version. And be the ideal man you always want to be.

Stick till the end for frequently asked questions for choosing what dress to wear.

 These are 10 most useful trending tips on what to wear on your first date:


  1. Wear a crisp shirt but keep it casual.


There are a lot of choices on how to choose a shirt for your date. We can get worked up over to find our perfect shirt. But keep it simple and choose a color which goes well with your skin tone.

 Scientifically light colored tends to lighten the mood and make others happy. And dark colored gives an attractive signal.  

       Quick tip:
If you have a problem choosing between shirts, just choose one for now. Go on with your pants and accessories and finally come back to compare. It will be easier to choose then.   



  1. Don’t forget your wristwatch, it’s a game-changer.

You may love your sports-watch but going for a classic metallic strap or just the usual (brown and black) one is way better. If you like, match the color of the watch with your shoes looking fashionable.

      Quick tip:

Prefer comfort over looks. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you look. Don’t let your watch be too tight or too loose. 



  1. Wear comfortable pants that fit well. 

Choosing proper pants is as important as salt in food. We can’t see the salt in food but it is needed for the taste.

So take time in choosing a proper pant which is not an attention grabber. Always say yes to the darker pants as they send the main focus back on you (preferred date night dress). 

     Quick tip:

Keeping your pants (or jeans) a little tight around your legs is great. And the shorter height of your pants is preferred more.

“Get your pants altered little bit by your tailor”



  1. Grab a pair of shoes, the right way.

“Girls notices our shoes”, you have heard it already. Flat sole shoes look really cool when you walk. It throws your pro alpha aura on her.

Little heels add to your height so that’s highly recommended. No one knows but height is one such factor which just boosts your impression.

Remember to keep a dry paper towel in your vehicle as sometimes your shoes can get dirty before reaching the place. So these things come in handy.

Before girls say, “Those are some nice shoes” to you. You can be ahead of it by complimenting her. 130 Compliments for Girls You Can Give Anytime

    Quick tip:

Current fashion trend is to go sock-less. Or very small-sized socks.  Always go for darker socks. 



  1. Add an accessory, but don’t do it too much.

A light bracelet or shiny ring for a nice final touch. Avoid loose and heavy bracelets that need your attention after every single minute. 

It can be really helpful when you feel uncomfortable during your date.

As you will be talking and listening. Your hands can go numb. 

    Quick tip:

Make sure you take your clean handkerchief (prefer Darker ones).  



  1. Be Careful of your purse 

Obviously she will see your purse when you are paying or splitting the bill. Look out if your purse is ripped from the sides. 

Throw away any clutter in your purse which may give off a very bad impression. 

    Quick tip:

If you are working professional you can have your visiting card visible first in your purse. You can (in a proper situation) show it to her which adds to the trust in you.  Tips to make your chat interesting 



  1. Analyze your date dress before wearing it.

Remember to scan your dress properly front and back for any unwanted stain or dirt. Don’t let the crease take over your shirt. 

Iron it if necessary. Remember the key is to keep it clean and simple.

Also when you choose your dress finally, keep all the things safely in a place to avoid the stress while getting ready for the date.  

      Quick tip:

Take a trial wear before wearing it on your date. And you will have an idea on how you will look. And don’t overthink. You will look great. 



  1. Don’t say it, show it.

You know girls tend to spend time looking nice. They expect the same from you. So take some time to look after your hairstyle. Avoid experimenting at the last moment. 

If you have done it before, it is recommended. Clean shaving is way easier than maintaining a beard. A patch or proper beard is the best way if you like to keep your beard looking trendy. 

       Quick tip:

 Also trimming or shaving your hair on your hands will improve your  skin tone. So go ahead and fold your sleeves.   Check out this non-sponsored web page for having a better understanding of skin tone.



  1. Smell nice and look nice.

 Apply a spray of perfume over your neck too. It adds to the usual. Don’t overdo it, it may be too strong for her. 

Drizzle a few drops of rose water rich in Vitamin E. You can have hair spray with you and apply it just before you meet her (totally optional).

       Quick tip:

Avoid using too much cosmetics. It won’t smell nice when all put together. Little facial cream and moisturizer is enough. 



  1. Understand your shape, wear accordingly.

You may say that you are too thin or your belly comes out. That should not be your obstacle. Just wear a jacket if you are thin and a loose shirt if you think your belly comes out. 

Most girls say they attract for the six pack but in truth they just want someone to create super emotions for them. Dressing properly makes a great first impression.

      Quick tip:

If you are wearing specs, go for casual wear. You will look confident. Use contact lenses if you like. 


Don’t wait till the end; the sooner the better. Prepare well and keep your posture good. Be confident in your best version.



  • What not to wear on a first date?

Avoid wearing sports dress. Also please don’t overdress. Basically you have to show that you took your precious time to properly dress up for the date. 

  • Can I wear jeans on my first date?

 Yes, go for it. No wrong in wearing jeans. It’s perfect. If you still have confusion then prefer black jeans over blue. So you are technically wearing jeans but it may not exactly look like one. 

  •   Can I wear a hat on my date?

 It is not highly recommended but it sure will spark the first point of your conversation. So if you like wearing one, then go for it. Do not think of others. 

  • Can I wear shorts on my date?

 No, because it gives the signal that you are not too excited to meet her. She would like you to dress up in full. I will wear shorts only if I know the art of not being friend zoned.   16 Ways To NOT Get Friendzoned [Complete Guide]

  • Can I wear a t-shirt on the very  first date?

Yes, an excellent choice. Prefer colours which go well with your skin tone. Any style of t-shirt is preferred that you like. And that atleast one person should have said that it looks nice on you. 


Happy Choosing. Happy Date.

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