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Did you know that since 2016, there have been over 6,000 pedestrians killed every year because of car incidents?

Car hits pedestrian cases can happen to anyone, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a tourist or a local, young or old. One day, you’re standing at a traffic light and minding your own business. In a split second, your life is forever changed. Out of nowhere, a car plows into you as you walk across the street.

So it’s incredibly important to know what to do if this unfortunate situation becomes a reality. Read more to find out what happens next in pedestrian accidents.

The Process of Filing a Claim

If you are hit by a car while walking, there are specific steps you should take to ensure that you are compensated for your injuries. First, you should seek medical attention and get a copy of your medical report. This report will be critical when you file a claim with the driver’s insurance company.

Next, you should gather witnesses to the accident and get their contact information. Finally, you should take photos of the scene of the accident and your injuries. Once you have all this information, you can contact the driver’s insurance company and file a claim.

Make sure you get help with auto accident claim by contacting a lawyer. They can help with legal advice and further make your claim credible in the eyes of the law. 

Potential Legal Outcomes

Generally, when a car hits a pedestrian, a few potential legal outcomes can occur. The driver of the vehicle may be found at fault and held liable for damages. They can be sued for negligence or lose their license if they’re driving under the influence.

In some cases, the pedestrian may also be held partially at fault. If the pedestrian was crossing the street outside a crosswalk or jaywalking, they might be held partly responsible.

Additionally, if the pedestrian was wearing dark clothing or was not visible to the driver, this may also be a factor in assigning liability. In some cases, the driver and the pedestrian may be equally at fault. If the fault cannot be determined, or if both parties share fault, it may be difficult to recover damages.

Compensation for Injuries

These cases usually involve a lot of negotiations between the lawyers of both parties. The injured party will want to be compensated for their injuries, and the other party will want to pay as little as possible.

In order to reach a settlement, both sides will need to agree on a fair amount of money. This can include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

The amount of compensation will vary depending on the injuries’ severity and the accident’s circumstances. If both sides cannot reach an agreement, the case will go to trial, and a judge will decide how much the injured party will receive.

Avoid Car Hits Pedestrian Accidents by Being Cautious

Whether you’re a pedestrian or the one behind the wheel, it’s essential to be cautious of the road to avoid car hits pedestrian accidents. These pedestrian accidents could cause severe injuries that will change someone’s life forever. 

If you have been involved in a car-hits-pedestrian accident, you must speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal options. The best way to move forward is to handle the consequences with honesty and civility.

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