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Is your old car about ready to go to that big car lot in the sky? After all, the average car only lasts about 12 years.

Once a car gets old and stops running, it’s time to move on. This also means you’ll have to get rid of your junk car. While this might seem like a headache, it’s also a chance to make some quick cash.

This article takes a look at why to turn your broken car into a payday. There are several options to consider, including selling it to an auto salvage yard.

Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the biggest reasons to make a fast profit on a junker car that no longer runs.

It Will Save You Time

Let’s start by talking about the time you’ll save selling your vehicle to a salvage yard. After all, there are obviously plenty of ways to get rid of it. And yet most of the options on that list will require a certain investment of time.

First, you’ll likely have to post a listing on social media, a used car forum, or put an ad in your local paper. This could end up costing you both time and money.

And yet selling to a salvage yard is a simple matter of picking up the phone. You’ll likely get an immediate offer depending on the make, model, and year the car was built. No further advertising is required.

The Parts Will Be Recycled

Another big benefit of using an auto salvage yard is the fact that the part will be recycled. Keep in mind that the salvage industry is big business. Someone is always needing a part for their car, and buying a used part from a salvage yard is a great way to save money.

You could even sell your parts individually to maximize your cash, just be prepared to have to hold on to your car longer than you might have planned.

The Salvage Yard Will Pick It Up

When you make a deal with a salvage yard, you won’t even have to leave the house. That’s right, a truck will come to you to make the pick-up.

Once you’ve agreed on a price, the salvage yard will schedule a day and time that’s most convenient for you and will then show up at the appointed time. Typically you’ll need to provide the title to complete the transaction, depending on the area where you live.

Keep in mind that you should always cancel your insurance on the vehicle before the salvage yard hauled it away.

Salvage Yards Offer Pay Cash

Another notable benefit of selling to a salvage yard is the fact that you won’t have to worry about negotiating with a private individual or worrying about whether or not the check might bounce.

Keep in mind that the salvage yard will understand exactly what they’re buying, thus there’s no real risk for them making a cash offer sight unseen. Once you’ve provided the details on your car, they will calculate exactly what it’s worth and make a cash offer over the phone.

Then when they show up, they’ll have your money ready to go. The transaction is literally no more complicated than that.

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Easy Disposal

Has your junk car totally stopped running? When this happens, it can be major pain trying to figure out what to do with it. Even if you wanted to haul it away from the house yourself, you’d need a place to take it. Plus, you’d likely have to pay a tow truck to do the job for you.

Selling to a salvage yard is the perfect solution for this. They provide easy disposal while also putting a little cash in your pocket.

It’s a Fast Transaction

One of the biggest headaches about trying to sell a car to someone is the negotiation process. That’s because everyone wants to spend as little as possible. And while that’s perfectly understandable, it can end up being a huge waste of your time.

In fact, this could go on forever as the buyer takes days or weeks to decide whether they really want it or not.

Selling your car to a salvage yard eliminates the endless negotiation process. That’s because they know exactly what your old, broken down car is worth, and are ready to make a cash offer.

This obviously speeds everything up so that you can put the money in the bank and get on with your life.

It’s a Fast Way to Clean Up Your Property

Once an old junk car no longer runs, it quickly becomes an eyesore on your property. In fact, it can get extremely embarrassing having an old junker parked in the driveway for any amount of time.

The faster you can get rid of it the better, right?

This is another significant benefit of calling a salvage yard. That’s because they are more than happy to haul your old car away as soon as possible. You just have to make the call, agree to their price, and they’ll be at your house as soon as possible to complete the transaction.

It’s Good for the Environment

It’s also important to consider the fact that many junker cars begin leaking oil and other types of fluids that can seep into your lawn or stain your driveway. Having your car hauled away by a salve yard is a great way to make sure that the environment will be protected from these toxic materials.

Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to place a sheet of plastic or something absorbant beneath your car to catch the drips until you can have it removed from your property.

A Guide to Making Quick Cash By Selling Your Broken Car

Every car gives up the ghost eventually. Fortunately, these tips prove that selling your broken car for cash is easier than you might have believed possible.

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