Way to live healthy life Way to live healthy life

Thinking of leading a healthy lifestyle?

Well, COVID gave most of us a reality check, it showed the value of healthy and immuned life. It’s time to accept and learn the value of a healthy lifestyle, we keep on prioritizing our professional life, personal interest over our health.

A wake-up call for everyone who is still ignoring or couldn’t manage to accept that “first wealth than health”. 

Today is that one of your life that you have been planning, lets not push it tomorrow or after some time. Now thing how to? Here are some amazing tips to adapt and live a healthy life.

Top 5 Ways to Live a Healthy Life

1. Time to quit bad habits

It’s time to quit bad habits like consuming alcohol, smoking or any other addiction. For leading a healthy life this is the first step, quitting such habits isn’t a one-day task it will take time but make sure you don’t give up.

Take 21 days’ challenge to quit smoking, decreases the consumption within these 21 days. Basic research says it takes 21 days to adapt something or to quit.

2. Place fitness session in routine

Exercise, yoga, or any other fitness session whatever makes you comfortable include that in your day to day life. For a healthy lifestyle keeping your body fit is a must.

Exercise helps in keeping the body fit, toned, and immuned. Fitness helps in improving muscle strength and boosting your endurance.

It also improves the working of our body organs, especially the heart, lungs, and digestive system. Put at least 15 mins of workout routine every day.

3. Drink plenty of water

We all know 60% of our body is water, so a proper supply of water becomes a must. We choose to take soft drinks or packed juice bottles often while working, change that habit to choose water.

Make a target of drinking at least 5-6 ltr of water, it helps in improving digestion, balancing body fluid, detox and so much more. Especially it’s the best thing to get good and clear skin.

4. Meditation improves mental health

By a healthy lifestyle, we don’t mean just your physical health but mental health too. We often ignore our mental health but it’s a big mistake, mental health is equally important.

Start meditating, it helps in keeping your brain calm and brings peace. Meditation also helps in improving our thought process and avoid negative thoughts. It’s the best way to overcome stress too. So meditate at least for 20 mins.  

 5. Take proper sleep

Just like exercise is important, rest is equally important. Our body goes through a hectic schedule, whether mentally or physically. It needs proper rest.

Your body needs a minimum of 6 hrs of sleep in the stretch, these days we compromise it for scrolling our phone, what’s happening on social media, or talking on call. But what about your body, give it proper rest.

Final words

you can find a long list for your routine or make a long list but, above mentioned things are most important. Taking care of your diet, avoiding junk, and managing time for the above things can help you to live a healthy life.

Adapting some simple changes in your day to day life can lead to some great results. We keep on searching for the right moments or something to happen. But always remember precaution is better than cure. 

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