Ready to make a big change at work? You have to prove it to more than yourself, but

Getting a promotion is easy with these 7 tricks.

Your thoughts catalyze self-perpetuating cycles in your life! Amy Morin, a psychotherapist, warns humans about having negative mindsets.

Do you consider yourself a failure? That mentality right there is what is keeping you from getting a promotion at your workplace. As your thoughts become your beliefs and eventually your reality, a negative mindset will never produce positive results.

With that said, start by changing your mindset by following these beliefs;

  • You are a success!
  • You can and will achieve that promotion!

The next step is to be confident with yourself. How you carry yourself is how others see you. Do not be mistaken; they will judge you accordingly.

Here are seven tricks to propel your career.

  1. Dress to Impress

No, not for the red carpet! Keep it decent but attractive. Human beings are always attracted to what appears smart, neat, and clean no matter what lies underneath.

Your grooming says a lot about your character. Make sure you wake up thirty minutes earlier, if that’s what it takes to create a dashing look.

The extra effort made to your appearance means that you consider your job worth it. If your CEO is looking for a marketing manager, the laid-back underdressed employee with excellent skills might not make-the-cut. How will this employee represent the company?

Inadequate grooming sends the message, ‘my job is depressing, and my boss doesn’t pay me enough to afford stylish outfits.’ Clients will not trust a depressed-looking manager!

When you look smart and elegant, you also boost your mood each day, and you will start your days in high spirits. Bosses shockingly take note of such minor things and so should you!

  1. Extend Your Work Time

Do not be tied to the 9 am to 5 pm work schedule. Go an extra mile by arriving at work early and leaving after 5 pm. This is how you stand out from the rest of the employees.

Everyone rushes to leave at precisely 5 pm because they cannot wait to get home. If nothing requires your urgent attention after working hours, why not stay and over-deliver your duties?

However, don’t be left behind only to watch cat videos on YouTube. Be productive during this extra time. Your boss will appreciate the extra effort you are making and shortlist you during employee reviews for promotions.

  1. Generate Ideas

You cannot expect to get promoted when all you do is go to work, do your part and head home. If this is you at work, then what will prevent your boss from choosing quiet Susan, who makes similar efforts?

Remember you need to stand out and be visible in the office environment. What I’m trying to say is you need to generate ideas for your company. Ideas that help the company save money and make money.

For Example:

If they are using a premium software to run operations, but you know of a better – and cheaper – software that can achieve twice the work in the same amount of time, suggest it to your boss. You can read about online loans, get one and buy the software to show your boss how it works.

Bosses have one mentality: employees are there for the salary. It’s your job to show your boss that you care about the company’s growth. This attitude will make your boss trust you with corporate decisions.

  1. Be Punctual

Time management is the simplest and most complex virtue human beings can acquire. No, that’s not a typo! There’s nothing as easy as keeping time, but sadly, man has found this too complicated!

If your boss gives you a task and a five-hour deadline, deliver in three. This does not mean you rush and mess it up to appear punctual. No, be quick but sure. If the same task requires more time, approach your boss an hour earlier, present what you have done so far and request for a deadline extension.

If you get a deadline extension, make sure you over-deliver the task. Make a pattern out of this. Be the employee who works fast but delivers quality. This way, even when you request for a change in deadline, your boss is confident that you’ll deliver as expected.

Nothing is as good as gaining your employer’s trust; because it comes with respect too!

  1. Be Active in Meetings

The point is to give productive suggestions, ask relevant questions and politely challenge other ideas by your colleagues. This not only shows that you are attentive but also shows your interest in the company’s success.

However, be careful with how you approach discussion points. Avoid offending anyone, dismissing people’s ideas without giving them a chance to defend themselves and keep away from talking unnecessarily.

The idea here is not to be heard; it’s to bring value. Be an active member and your boss will notice your efforts and the value you bring.

  1. Be Proactive

Are you done with today’s duties? I bet your legs are on the desk, headphones on, and you are probably distracting others as you struggle to pass the time. Here’s a million dollar idea: help your workmates.

It’s as simple as being proactive and taking the initiative to assist others in completing their tasks. You probably won’t get financial compensation for that, but that shouldn’t be your goal!

While helping others complete their task, you get to be a team player and best of all, you learn how the company operates in all departments. Being this knowledgeable makes you get better ideas for improving the company and puts you at the forefront of your bosses’ considerations.

  1. Build Rapport

You might be an introvert, a loner and we get it, it might be challenging to come out of that shell. Sadly, if you’re looking for work promotions or salary increments, you may have to crack open!

Create good relationships with your colleagues, and they will vouch for you during voting sessions. Just keep it professional. Sharing personal information with workmates might cost you your job.

Networking is also suitable for your rapport. When attending events – even private functions – carry your job with you. Connect with outsiders who might bring good business to the company. These types of efforts will get you that promotion in a heartbeat!

After Getting a Promotion, What Next?

Don’t sit back swinging that swivel and enjoying your new office. The job has just begun! After getting a promotion, go back to the seven tips, and do them all over again, every day. Failure to which, your boss may reconsider his decision and demote you. We don’t want that, now do we?

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