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Do you wonder why you keep getting looked over for jobs even though you’re applying nonstop?

Your resume could be the culprit. Resumes are critical to making sure you stand out in a competitive pool of applicants.

The good news is that improving your resume is easier than you think. To help guide you through this process, here are five ways to improve your resume and land the job of your dreams!

1. Focus on the Top Part of Your Resume

On average, employers spend about six seconds reviewing your resume. You should be aware of this statistic as you write your resume. Because their eyes will naturally look to the top half, this should be where you focus the majority of your time.

By folding your resume into thirds, you can practice this strategy. A good way to test this is by reading just the top-third of your resume to see if an employer would find this intriguing.

2. Sprinkle Critical Keywords Throughout

Most companies and recruiters use keyword searches to identify possible candidates. Think about which keywords the employer is likely to use when examining your resume. Incorporate a handful of these words throughout the document.

Be sure to use the keywords naturally. You don’t want to force anything.

3. Keep Your Resume Lean and Specific

Every word in your resume should serve a purpose. You should avoid “fluff” at all costs because it wastes both time and space. Whenever possible, you should quantify your achievements using statistics and data.

Be as specific as possible about achievements and use action verbs. Bullet-pointing accomplishments can help eliminate extra words and highlight important areas.

4. Write to the Future

Put the focus where it belongs in your resume writing. Though you want to highlight prior accomplishments, you also want to showcase how those accomplishments relate to the position.

How can your experience and credentials benefit the future of the company? How do your most recent experiences relate to the position?

Try to shift away from old accomplishments and experiences that happened many years ago, unless directly relevant to the job.

5. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Beyond understanding what goes on a resume, it’s equally important to proofread and edit once you’ve finished writing. You may be surprised at how many resumes are submitted with spelling errors and other goofs.

Most employers will immediately skip over resumes with errors. Don’t let a stupid reason like this be why you don’t get the job.

If possible, have 2-3 people look over your resume to provide an extra set of eyes.

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Now You Know How to Make Your Resume Pop

By following these five tips, your resume will stand out, and you can set yourself apart. The job market is competitive, so resumes are more important than ever.

Don’t underestimate its importance. Start rewriting your resume today and get yourself that new job!

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