Clean and clear water is very much essential to each and every human being and not only for drinking but for other daily use purposes as well like washing clothes, bathing, brushing, washing utensils and many more. This not only makes life healthier but it is also very hygienic to do that.

The regular tap water which is supplied to office and home and to any other commercial spaces though seem to be very clear but they do have a lot of health affecting germs and bacteria in it along with some harmful chemicals like mercury, fluorine, leads and other pesticides. When one uses and consumes this regular and non purified water then it can lead to some serious health issues and some of them can really affect the human health. The major water borne diseases that can happen are cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid, dysentery and even more.

Water is definitely a limited source and they are mostly chemically treated and hence many bacteria and harmful viruses are available there. Too many people are falling ill every year only because of the consumption of polluted water and hence water purification is an absolute necessity these days. There are many ways to purify water and as because the necessity has increased there are endless brands coming up on the market with varieties of products so that they can provide clean water. Industrial RO plants are also been developed so that purified water can be used in commercial sectors as well. There are many other options for purified water like bottled water and spring water but are they good enough like the machine purified water?

Spring Water

Though they are termed to be the purest form of water it never comes from a fresh spring. They mostly come from some underground sources. There have been a lot of research on this and people have come to the conclusion that they may contain things like arsenic, phthalates and other harmful things.

Distilled water

This is another type of purified water which goes through a process of filtration and it includes boiling and condensing. Though they can kill the contaminants, there are still few bacteria left in it. They also kill all the natural minerals and this is not healthy at all.

Bottled Water

They are more or less safe to drink but one has to be very sure about the quality of the bottled water which is provided. There is random refilling of waters these days and so it is not a very good idea to rely on the quality of water which is given in the bottled form.

Water Purifiers

Contaminated water is injurious to health and thus the best way to have clean water is to purify it with a proper water purifying machine. There are various purification systems that are available in the market like UV, UF and RO water purifiers and they can fit the bill perfectly.

Here are some major reasons why one needs to use a water purifier and why it is absolutely necessary to use them:

  • Usage of these machines can keep the environment clean. If one uses bottled water then there is a tendency of throwing them in the garbage and they cannot be recycled. Thus, in return of purified drinking water, one is actually doing damage to the nature. A water purifier can dispose the bad materials in a correct way and so it can keep the environment protected.
  • There are endless amount of harmful chemicals that are available in the non purified water. If one drinks that there are chances of some cancer risks. So, it is a necessity to remove these chemicals which can prevent the possibility from getting affected by cancer. Purified water also helps one to digest the food properly.
  • Water purifier can remove all the possible contaminants present in the tap water and one can thus have good quality water not only for drinking purposes but one can also use them in other works like cooking, bathing and cleaning floors. This helps to maintain hygiene in the surrounding.
  • Purifiers are good at removing chlorine from regular tap water. Chlorine is neither good for health not good for skin. It can lead to breathing problems, skin irritation, chest tightness and other issues which one must avoid to lead a healthy life. Hence one needs to drink water which is chlorine free.
  • If one goes for a water filter at home or at the office then it also saves money. This is because it is a onetime investment that goes for a couple of years. They are durable and hence the amount which is spent for the purifier makes complete sense.
  • Water filtration machines can remove all the lead which is present in the unfiltered water. So, this is the ultimate health care that one can take of their family members or office employees. Lead can cause a lot of harmful effects on the kids and in order to prevent that one has to use a water purifier at home.
  • If one is suffering from digestion and constipation problems then they must start consuming purified water. This can hugely help when it comes to normal bowel movements. Chlorinated water can affect the digestion system which purified water eases a lot.
  • If one drinks purified water, then it cleanses the body from both inside and outside. This can make the inner system healthy and there will be a natural glow on the skin as well. Purified water is devoid of chemicals and chlorine and that does the trick here.


Hence it is a good idea to install a purifier because then one can easily prevent any kind of water related health hazards in near future and will get a better and healthy lifestyle ahead.

Industrial water purifiers are used for commercial purposes thoroughly and they are used because people are becoming more aware for the need of the usage of clean water in every aspect that is possible.

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