Unexplored tourist places in india trendingus. Com trending us Unexplored tourist places in india trendingus. Com trending us

“The most popular, the very common, the highly visited place, the world-famous, the most general suggestion, the highly rushed place,  Oh my god how many times we have been there?”

Are these the same words that you have been through?

Are these all frequently spoken interjections when it comes to the travelling? Almost “yes”!

Let’s try to move on some unusual, uncommon destinations but the really good ones.

So here are some of the unexplored tourist places in India which you should know about: –

  1.  Munnar:

    Unexplored tourist places in india munnar trending us

    Every morning especially of all the Indians begins with hot, spicy and flavourful cup of TEA: Absolutely! The most common beverage among Indians. We all have the tradition of having a cup of TEA every day. God has gifted our country the beautiful and green glorious tea spot in south India named, MUNNAR – KERALA. It looks as green as the earth has wore a lush green sari! A beautiful scenario of it makes us delightful by the natural beauty.

  2. Auli:

    Unexplored tourist places in india auli trending us

    A literal scenic and actually stunning spot: A perfectly acclaimed place for its natural stunning path is none other than AULI– UTTARAKHAND.  It is really a place where the nature has formed or given us a crucial ski destination. It is almost surrounded by the oak forests. It has a trek route too. All the slopes there facilitate you with novice and professional skier. Indeed an amazing place to visit!

  3. Mawsynram:

    Mawsynram unexplored tourist places in india trending us

    The wettest place in India, full of rainfall almost a boon of nature: No doubt! There are a lot many rain falls. Especially in monsoon it is like the rain god has almost come on earth to shower all the rainy blessings. The whole panorama creates a wonderful glimpse as if a rain carnival. It is none other than MAWSYNRAM- MEGHALAYA. There is also a resemblance of ‘shivling’ known as stalagmite. A royal combination of rain and greenery!

  4. Champaner:

    Champaner unexplored tourist places in india trending us

    An offbeat place, one of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES, archaeology and what not!! : It is about a place where the great mountain Himalaya’s a little portion was originally brought by Hanuman during the epic Ramayana. Pavagadh hills CHAMPANER-GUJARAT. It has a great historical base and also the ancient talk about the Chavda Dynasty Champaner. This place has an archaeological park which has many styles of design!

    Really, India has a great treasure of beautiful places which are unexplored to the world. India is naturally a rich country by its destinations! Going at few well-known places is not always fun; Taking your friends or families with you and going to some not so known place is a unique kind of adventure!
    Try it I promise I won’t disappoint you.

    Enjoy your travelling.


  1. Sangeetha says:

    Nice article! Our whole life is not enough to see all the tourist places in India. Surely this article is very helpful for all.

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