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We get it, jobs suck. Work is a necessary element of life and one that leaves you feeling satisfied and overall appreciated. Jobs, not so much.

the reason there is such a disconnect between jobs and work is that a job exists within a bevy of rules. Work, on the other hand, is about work freedom, the ability to use what you have to get what you want. The only restriction is your ambition and know-how.

Getting out on your own has risks and takes work but the majority of people who go it alone find higher earnings and satisfaction.

The following provides insights into five career paths that allow you to work without becoming a chore.

Work Freedom Explored

These careers offer flexibility, freedom, and often a decentralized environment that lets you live and work from anywhere.

1. Teaching Abroad

Teaching in a foreign local does require you to head to a specific location (for the most part) but you have a lot of input on where that location is.

Teaching English is something many countries look for and something you’ll tend to have more skill at than you suspect. Credentials needed include knowing the language, having documentation for travel, and an easily acquired certification that you can get online or with the help of a hosting program.

2. Media Influencer

While you aren’t exactly going to hit the top of Medium or YouTube overnight,  getting started in a media career from home isn’t difficult.

Start blogging, start recording, and start putting yourself and your knowledge out there. The Internet is a vast place hungry for content.

As long as you approach it with confidence, you will build an audience and establish a niche. Be prepared to put in a lot of hours to rise to the top of your subject, influencer careers are about perseverance and insight that comes from constant saturation of subject matter.

Have this list of the trending and popular LinkedIn hashtags to grow your network.

3. Market Research

A sideline to the above, or something you can get yourself hired on to do for someone with more stage presence, is market research.

Crunching numbers, looking up information, and compiling useful facts from background noise all take time and effort.

Content does better when it comes with data to back-up claims and to demonstrate expertise. Market research is how that expertise happens.

4.  Project Manager

Do you know how to motivate people, hold them accountable, and understand the overlap of multiple roles? Then project management may be your bag.

Project managers help make all the moving parts move in roughly the same direction. These are decentralized roles that work with phones, video, and emails to keep everyone working together even when they aren’t working in the same time zone.

Best yet, companies often have more projects than they do employees, so you can manage a team without being a part of the corporate machine yourself. Consultancy feels better and pays better, anyway.

5. Product Design

For those with more of a visual flare, the career of product design is a hot one.

Create something that entices and serves a purpose. This involves 3d applications and 2d applications.

Build a better box or craft a website that offers a service succinctly. The excitement of this career is how the days offer new challenges and don’t look alike.

Start Now

The door to work freedom is already open, you just need to get out there and do what you do best.

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