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Regularly spending long periods of time sitting really isn’t good for you. And yet, we often don’t have much of a choice in our jobs.

How can we solve this conundrum?

There are various fixes such as taking frequent breaks and exercising. But even better than that, standing desks offer a modern solution to this issue that allows you to work while avoiding a host of health issues.

The benefits of a standing desk are numerous. In this article, we’re going to review seven of them to better understand what a standing desk can do for you. Read on!

1. Lower the Risk of Obesity

The weight gain equation is simple: you absorb more calories than you burn. By sitting at a desk all day, you don’t expend any energy. This often results in weight gain and, in more severe cases, obesity.

While the best fix for that is exercise, standing desks allow you to burn calories while working at your desk. In other words, using a standing desk is like free exercise that you do while not even thinking about it.

2. Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Spending the entire day sitting at your desk is terrible for your heart health. It can eventually lead to heart disease.

A standing desk allows you to spend a lot more time on your feet. Long term, the use of your standing desk could quite literally be a life-saver.

3. Reduce Back Pain

Chronic back pains are all too common among office workers.

Standing desks can be adjusted to the optimal height for you. This helps you to avoid any slouching or bad posture while you’re focused on the task at hand.

Workers using standing desks see improvements in lower back pain, as well as upper back and neck pain after a few weeks.

4. Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Having high levels of blood sugar isn’t good, especially in people who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Blood sugar levels especially spike after meals.

Standing desks help lower blood sugar levels, and in particular, the increase experienced after meals. As a result, they also help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

5. Boost Productivity

In some people, the use of a standing desk is a concern as they feel it might make tasks such as typing more difficult.

This is, however, not the case. Any task can be performed with the same degree of efficiency using a standing desk as a regular one.

What’s more, due to the increased well-being created by standing desks, workers might even experience a boost in productivity.

6. Improve Mood and Energy Levels

With the health benefits offered by standing desks, workers often experience better moods along with a decrease in stress and fatigue.

Standing desks improve energy levels in general, allowing a better atmosphere in the workplace.

7. Increase Lifespan

People who spend most of their lives sitting tend to die earlier. This can be explained by the link between sitting for extended periods of time and heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes.

It then stands to reason that using a standing desk can increase lifespan by helping to counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

The Benefits of a Standing Desk Are Countless

After reading about the benefits of a standing desk, the next logical step is getting one! Standing desks simply offer tons of perks compared to regular ones.

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