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The average American spends about 36 years of their life lying in bed. Even though we spend so much time in this room, it often gets the backburner when it comes to decorating and renovations. After a hard day, you want to retreat to a room of luxury.

Are you looking to do a bedroom remodel? Looking for bedroom makeover ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading this article for some ideas on some of the best bedroom remodeling tricks.

Keep It Simple

You want your bedroom to be cozy along with simple. Regardless of your style, it should be free of clutter.

You want to be able to walk around your bedroom freely. This means you should have about three feet between the bed and sidewall—you should not have to walk around the bed to get to the closet. You should also have at least two feet between your bed and furniture like dressers and tables.

Another rule of keeping it simple is to only furnish your bedroom with what you need. This means a bed, nightstands or bedside tables, dresser, and a chair. Anything else can be classified as clutter. If you have space, move a chest of drawers in your closet.

Also, keep your accessories at a minimum. You can add some artwork, family photos, a mirror, and maybe candles or flowers—then call it complete. Avoid clutter on your nightstands and dressers—make sure everything has a home.

Choose a Low Key Color

Instead of going bold, choose a more soothing shade for a restful color. For calm and serene, choose gentle hues of lavender, blue, or green. If you want comfort and coziness, reach for rich jewel-tones like browns, oranges, and purples, but go for more soothing colors like pumpkin in place of tangerine or beige instead of dark copper.

Light It up

Using the right light can make your room feel bigger. Consider having hanging lamps instead of the usual bedside lamps. This will keep your surface clear on your table and brings your light to eye level.

You may also want to consider adding dimmers. You can also add sconces and extendable wall lamps by the beside. Try setting up the lights on different switches and add dimmers to control the light.

Cover the Windows

Having a dressed window can add some softness to your bedroom. Add some color, texture, and pattern with curtains. You can use sheer curtains to add some light, but filter light when needed with an opaque roller blind.

You should hang your drapery from the ceiling to the floor. Shorter curtains disrupt the flow of white space as your eyes examine the room. You can also make your drapery fuller with heavy blackout lining.

Add an Oversized Rug

If you have hardwood or hard surface floors, you should add an oversized rug. You want your rug to go beyond the bed. It should be at least 16″-18″ beyond the bed’s edge all the way around.

Having this rug will make your room feel cozier and add some texture to your floor. It can also make your bedroom feel larger.

Have Plenty of Storage

Along with keeping your bedroom simple, you need to store things away. This means you should be creative with storage, so everything has a home.

You can add a storage bench or trunk to the foot of your bed to store sheets and extra linens. Get under the bed containers to slide out of sight for extra storage.

Choose a bedside table that has drawers or a door to hide all your items like books, reading glasses, lotion, etc. You can also add a bedside caddy to store your remote, glasses, and books.

Use the back of your closet door for additional storage. Get a shoe rack on the back, and use it for more than just shoes. You can store scarves, jewelry, and other accessories.

Use Appropriate Bedding

When you skimp on bedding, it can make your bedroom look smaller. If you have a king-sized bed, add two super king pillows.

You should also outfit your bedroom with luxurious fabrics to add comfort. When buying sheets, you should get 100 percent cotton or high thread count linen.

You can add some sensual fabrics like a cashmere throw or a soft mohair blanket to your reading chair. You can also add other textures and fabrics like a silk canopy, silk draperies, or plush floor coverings.

Looking for some statement bedding? A VisionBedding bedroom makeover is a great place to start to make your bed the focal point.

Be Strategic With Art

If you have a TV in your room, you don’t want it to be the center of attention. Add some framed art around the TV to minimize any focal clashing. You want the TV to blend in with the wall.

Mirrors can also make your space look bigger by expanding the room’s appearance and adding some sparkle.

You can either add a smaller mirror or a full-length mirror to reflect both the view and light. Try mirrored bedside tables to add the illusion of more space.

Make Your Bedroom a Getaway Space

Try to discipline yourself by keeping media, exercise equipment, TVs, and computers out of the bedroom. Make it a space to relax by reserving this space for sleeping, reading, and romance.

Give yourself a quiet place to sit and read. Use a comfortable chair and add it to a lounging area. If you have space, add a window seat beneath your bedroom window. This will give you a nice view along with natural light.

Get Started on Your Bedroom Makeover

You spend so much time in your bedroom. You should make it the most inviting spot in the house. Follow these bedroom makeover tips to help spruce up your bedroom today.

Looking for other home ideas? Keep checking out our site for more inspiration.

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