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There are many different ways that involve getting closer with your family members that don’t include having a smartphone in your hand. So ditch the smartphone and start planning something fun for you and your family members to do.

If you’re a mother, daughter, son, father, or even an aunt or uncle, then you may feel like you want to get closer to your family. There are tons of relationship building activities you can do with each other that aren’t lame.

Building a relationship with your family can be fun and you will gain tons of memories with each other along the way.

Keep reading for seven relationship building activities that will help to strengthen your family’s bond with one another.

1. Take the Family to an Escape Room

Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular so you’ve probably heard all about them. Taking your family to an escape room is a great way to work together and have a fun time. They’re a great place to go because every single family member can participate in the fun.

This activity is unique and fun in its own way because it is always different. Your family might be breaking out of jail, returning from mars, or even recovering a priceless jewel. It will be a thrilling and fun story for you to all dive into.

You will have 60 minutes to work together and solve the clues to complete the escape room. This is a great way of creating bonding moments because you will need everyone to play so you can win.

2. Party in Perth

Taking the family for a trip to Perth might be the perfect way to help build your relationship. Perth is the most isolated capital city in Australia so ditch the smartphones and spend the day together.

You can start your trip sampling wine, check out some historic sites or museums, or even taste some local produce. Team building starts with setting aside the time that you will spend with each other. What better way to create fun memories, then to spend a whole day together?

You can continue your family fun into the night as well. Peth has 30 small bars in the city that you and your family can check out. There’s also live music as well as a ghost tour bus that takes you through one of Perth’s oldest buildings. You will without a doubt build a lasting bond with your family in Perth.

3. Community Service

Another great way to build a relationship with your family is by giving back to the community you live in. Regardless of where you are, there are tons of different community service projects that the whole family can participate in.

You can participate in adopting a family during the holiday season, clean up a beach or park near your home, or even start a project to make your community better by planting flowers or picking up trash. Find something that all of your family members can do and will enjoy. You will create awesome memories helping others.

4. Karaoke Night

If you want a fun night out with your family, then head to a karaoke bar or host a karaoke night at your house. Karaoke is fun and everyone can do it. You can pair up to sing awesome duets or go solo.

Karaoke is a great bonding activity because it gets everyone involved. You can laugh and cheer each other on. Singing along to your favorite 80s songs is a great way to bond with your family members.

5. Cookie Decorating Night

Another fun way to bond with your family is by having a cookie decorating night. This is a perfect relationship building activity for the holiday season because who doesn’t love decorating Christmas cookies? You can either spend some time baking lots of sugar cookies or just go out and buy some.

Make sure you get lots of frosting and different kinds of candies and sprinkles so your family can get their creative juices flowing. Try to talk with your family and bring up old memories or inside jokes. You can even make new memories or inside jokes when you spend the night decorating fun and delicious cookies.

6. Go Outside

Depending on the weather, a fun family bonding activity could just be doing something active outside. You could all go for a walk or a hike and support each other along the way.

If you have a big enough family, then you may even want to set up a family sports game. You could play soccer, kickball or even a baseball game. Have the oldest member and the youngest member of the family be team captains and then you can pick from there.

Outdoor activities can be a fun way to bond with your family and create new memories. Plus the winners can get plenty of bragging rights and maybe choose a place for dessert.

7. Dare Jenga

As a kid, you’ve probably played a regular game of Jenga, but you’ve never played it like this before. Dare Jenga will take a bit of time to set up so you may want to do it beforehand. You’ll need a regular Jenga set that you can write on and tons of fun dares for your family to do.

On each Jenga piece, you will write a dare for someone to do. Then when it comes to time to play your family will take turns playing like regular Jenga, except they will have to do the dare that is written on the Jenga piece.

Your dares can range from things like play your next turn with your eyes closed or even swap an item of clothing with the person next to you. It is all up to you on how closely you want to bond with your family. Make sure there’s an extreme dare for the person who knocks over the Jenga tower!

Relationship Building Activities Are Fun

It is all up to you to try and decide what relationship building activities will work for you and your family. Go ahead and try a few so you can continue to build a greater bond and make tons of memories along the way.

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