Top tips for achieving the perfect sun kissed look   Top tips for achieving the perfect sun kissed look  

Achieving the perfect sun-kissed look naturally all year-round is something that we all strive for but in reality, is a rather difficult task. With only a few months of the year being hot enough to tan in the UK, you’re holding on to your tan for as long as you can. However, when the winter months come and your bikini becomes obsolete, how will you maintain your bronzed skin?

Fortunately, fake tan became readily available in the 1920s allowing the body to achieve its tanned to perfection look year-round and it still holds its value in modern society.

In the 1970s, sunbeds began to gain popularity for their ease of access but it is common knowledge that these can cause many issues to the skin.  With that, lots of people reverted back to fake tan which soon became available in spray form which proved more effective. However, are you taking the right steps to ensure your spray tan goes swimmingly?

Here are our top tips for achieving the perfect sun-kissed look.

Safety First

As with any product you put on your skin, there may be a risk of it having a reaction and either burning you or leaving a rash. If this was to happen all over your body following a spray tan then it may be extremely painful.

To avoid this happening, perform a patch test before going into your spray tan session. This is done by applying a small amount of the fake tan you’ll be using to your body using a cotton pad on the crease of the elbow or behind the ear. When left for 24 hours, you will be able to tell if your skin has had a reaction or if it is fine to go ahead using this spray tan kit.

Skin Preparation 

Get your skin ready for its spray tan 24 hours in advance by following these easy steps:

  1. Exfoliate – This is done to remove the dead skin from your body so that the fake tan is not wasted clinging to it. This will help your tan to stay stronger for longer.
  2. Moisturise 24 hours prior – Moisturising in advance will reduce dry areas around your body which provides a better base for the tan to attach to.
  3. Shave – Try to do this 48 hours before your treatment so your shaved areas have time to close the pores up. Failing to do this may result in darker patches in certain regions.
  4. Clear the skin from any other products – wipe deodorant, moisturizer or makeup off so that the spray tan doesn’t stick to any of these products leaving non-tanned patches following your spray tan.

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Final steps 

Finish getting ready to use your spray tan kit by removing all jewelry and tying your hair up so they don’t get in the way of the tan. Once you have finished your tanning session, be sure to wear baggy clothes until the tan has set.

Follow all of these steps and you’re guaranteed a sun-kissed look that will have you feeling fabulous.

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