Keeping a space clean can be a real chore sometimes. It’s easier if you take it in small segments to make it manageable (and dare we say, even fun?). 

If you’re someone who dreads the cleaning process and would rather shove everything into your closet or under the bed for “future you”, you’re not alone. We’ve been there. There is a better way though.

A clean space (and the process of cleaning) can actually improve your mental health. It’s not just good for aesthetics; it’s good for your brain!

Here are 4 tips for cleaning your room quickly if you want to give tidying up your space bit by bit a try. 

1. Vacuum Weekly

For anyone with many pets or children, this might be a no-brainer. You guys probably need to vacuum more than once a week. Busy households get messy!

For those of you who aren’t vacuuming weekly though, here are some compelling reasons. 

While you don’t have to know how to disinfect carpet like a professional, a vacuum will keep your floors dust-free and void of anything that might get on your feet. Carpets trap dirt, dust, and microbes and those things can make you sick. 

Vacuuming will also require you to pick up things from the floor, forcing you to be a little tidier in your day to day life. 

2. Declutter One Area at a Time

It’s easy to get distracted while cleaning and then 10 minutes turns into 2 hours. It happens. 

Focusing on one area at a time will help you narrow your scope and prevent your mind from wandering. Start with your bed by making it and then move around your room. Put anything that doesn’t belong in the area that you’re working in on top of your bed until you get to its proper area. 

3. Put Clothes Where They Belong (Always)

This can be a tough one for some people. If you don’t have one already, get a hamper for every room where clothes might end up on the floor. Don’t let clothes hit the floor. They’re either on your body, on a hanger (or in a drawer), or in the hamper. 

Just being mindful of where you’re throwing your clothes can be a huge step forward in the cleaning process. When your space is messy, how much of it is just clothes on the floor, bed, or tables? This can be the fastest way to clean your room and it starts with not getting messy in the first place.

4. Throw Away Trash

Do you keep a trash can in your room? You probably should. Take a quick inventory of what is causing the mess in your space. How much of it is garbage? 

Food wrappers, plastic, even old paperwork that you no longer need: can you throw these things away? Are you hoarding them for some reason? 

It’s deeply relieving to gather these things in a pile and throw them in the trash. It also clears up space to see how messy your room really is. When the disposables are gone, is it really that bad? 

Do You Have Any Tips for Cleaning Your Room?

There are so many ways to make cleaning less of a chore. What are your favorite tips for cleaning your room? 

Very few people enjoy the cleaning process, but making it manageable and quick takes some of the sting out. 

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