Things to do on next diwali Things to do on next diwali

We all celebrated Diwali this year with great pomp and show, we lightened up our homes with beautiful Diyas and lights. We all burst crackers, well a lot many crackers. Lakhs of rupees went down to ashes and smoke. But, couldn’t have we done something else?

Few Suggestions on How You Should Celebrate Diwali This Year.

1. Reduce Wastage of Money on Firecrackers

Bursting crackers things to do on next diwali

It’s a mere wastage of money. This money can be utilized for a lot many other useful things. Now, some of you who would be wondering how this money spent on crackers by an individual be used for something else, just think how much money was wasted. It would sum up to millions! Aren’t millions enough for doing something else? So if you have already spent a lot of money behind those harmful firecrackers so far then you must take an oath that next Diwali you would not waste your money anymore on it and would rather save it for something else.

2. Save Environment by Not Bursting Firecrackers

Firecrackers - things to do on next diwali

We all are well versed with it but sadly, we still don’t give a damn. You can celebrate Diwali well without those big bombs. A rangoli and decorating up your Houses with Diyas and candles would make your life more interesting as well as peaceful. We are harming our own self through firecrackers to be happy for just a little while.

3. Lighten up a Needy Person’s House

Helping poor things to do on next diwali

You can buy new clothes, sweets or anything that make those needy people happy. You can buy them blankets as we all know how severe winters can get in some parts of our country. But here again, don’t bless them with cash but only with kind.

4. Firework Factories Mostly Employ Poor Children

This should not be encouraged at all. Many of them are affected by life-long diseases like asthma, breathing problems, many are handicapped in the process. Do you wish to see our nation’s future working in these factories? They risk their lives for a small amount of remuneration in return. That’s not good at all.

5.  Clean and Decorate Your House

Decorating house with diyas and rangoli things to do on next diwali

You must have heard about that quote “cleanliness is next to godliness” so you must get out of your lazy bed and start to get engaged in cleaning your house and after getting finished with the cleaning you should brighten up your house with the help of beautiful rangoli and decorating it with Diyas and fancy lights.

6. Go for Shopping

Shopping bags things to do on next diwali

Diwali would be the perfect time for buying new things like clothes, footwear, ornaments and so on for yourself as well as for your family. You can buy some delicious sweets which you can enjoy along with your family and which you can serve to your guests as well. Not only you should shop but you should also take your family out for dinner in this festive season to make themselves happier.

7. Make Your Payments in Cash

Paying money   things to do on diwali

Normally when we go shopping we carry our debit or credit cards to pay the bills. For all the things we purchase, we swipe those cards without verifying the amount or the bills. It would be better to avoid that. Withdrawing cash from an ATM is advisable, and then going shopping. This will help you understand what you have and how much you can afford to spend. So while doing shopping, you’ll always know what amount of money you have spent and how much amount of money is left. This practice will help you to spend your money wisely.

8. Spend Time With Your Friends

Indian friends enjoying together things to do on next diwali
The Economic Times

Diwali celebration shouldn’t be just bound up with your family members but you should also spend some quality time with your friends keeping all the stress of your work aside, you should either go to your friend’s house or call them at your place and can organize a get to gather party at your home with the friends, play different games and do a lot of other activities as well and end up having the dinner together. You won’t be able to enjoy the Diwali to fullest unless you celebrate it with your friends.

 9. Book Your Tickets in Advance for the Vacation


If you are preparing for a trip, you should book your flight/rail fares well in advance. One of the easiest ways to find lower fares is by booking airline tickets in advance. Flight prices typically increase over periods of months and weeks leading up to a specified departure.

Let’s make a promise to ourselves that this Diwali we will not spend our money on firecrackers and instead we will utilize it to help those people who are not even able to fulfill their daily basic needs. This would be the best way to celebrate the festival of lights you will be getting a million blessings.

Tell me in the comment section who all are up for it?

  1. Nikoleta Michalova says:

    Wow, I did not know about number 4. That’s awful! Where I come from you are not even allowed to handle firework until you are 18!

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