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There were over 3 million workplace injuries in 2020, and sadly there were more than 4000 fatalities. So keeping employees safe is more than a matter of legal necessity. It’s a meaningful way to protect everyone who works for you. 

But before you risk assess your business, get to know some common hazards and workplace injuries. Read on to learn more. 


Spillages and hazards in walkways are common causes of slips or trips.

A fall can lead to a minor injury like a sprain or a broken bone. Do a health and safety assessment of all walk routes and improve signs to warn people about dangers. 


People bumping into each other or colliding with objects is a risk in any place that sees a lot of movement. A supermarket is a good example.

Make sure your premises have ample lighting. Turn busy or narrow walkways make them into a one-way system to avoid workplace accidents. 


You need to consider falls from things like ladders or scaffolding. Always have a proper safety procedure and rules, such as appropriate securing when climbing ladders.


If your staff interacts with the public, you might have to assess the risk of violence.

You also have a small risk of violence between colleagues. Dedicated security personnel and CCTV cameras are good ways to protect your employees. 

Muscle Strain 

Repetitive physical work in a job can leave someone vulnerable to muscle strains.

For very physical jobs, you might choose to have a medical person on site to run a regular assessment to help catch problems before they get worse. Here’s what to expect from an occupational health center.  

Back Injury 

Back injuries can become complex and life-altering, so they are always something you’ll need to prevent in your workplace.

Most back problems happen when carrying or moving heavy objects, so train all staff on the correct and safe way to deal with heavy objects.

Make sure desk-based personnel have ergonomic desk designs and chairs to prevent slouching, which can also lead to back issues.

Vehicle Injury at Work

If you employ people who spend most of their time in vehicles, you’ll need to consider the hazards. You could purchase vehicle tracking devices to ensure staff adheres to local driving laws.

Fire or Explosions 

Always have an emergency exit procedure to deal with the risk of fires or accidents. Check exit routes and ensure you assign someone on-site to take charge in an emergency (often referred to as the on-site fire officer).,

Accidents from Objects 

Falling or flying objects put your staff at risk. For a safe work environment, make sure items are properly secure and that you run regular health and safety checks to monitor potential hazards. 

Accidents from Machinery 

Handling machinery can put your staff in danger. Keep machinery in good working order and run regular checks.

Ensure you have rules for what staff can use specialist machines and that they have proper health and safety training before handling complex machines. 

Protect Your Employees from Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries could leave you with employment issues, legal problems, and in severe cases, criminal investigations. Use this guide to protect your employees from the most common risks. 

Why not visit our health section for more tips on how to support your employees? 

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