In the world of fashion and style, being petite can be a bit difficult. The reason is most clothes you buy are either not your size or longer than your length. So you find yourself getting the clothes tailored every time.

Although most fashion brands now have a collection for petite women, it is still not really quite like it. Besides, what you lack in the clothes department, it is made up for in the shoe department. You can successfully wear any inch length, as long as the shoes fit.

Being petite is adorable, and you cannot fall short of people that will say you are. While there are some clothes that will make you look smaller than you are, Petite Leggings will accentuate your legs.

Some fitness and style options are just a no-go area for petite women. No-one knows this better than Arrizel Fitness Wear. Staying fit and in style are two things that can be frustrating if you are petite. As a petite woman, following these rules will make things easier.

Petite Style Rules 101

1.    Get the fit that matches your figure

You need to opt for clothes that will flatter your petite figure. No matter your style, wearing something that fits you and makes you feel beautiful will definitely suit you. From cropped silhouettes to wrap dresses or deep V-cut neckline, go for something that will favor your looks.

2.    Try to look taller

Looking taller is every petite woman’s number one aim when shopping for new clothes and style. You can try out Petite Leggings or even a pair of denim jeans. One thing you need to check is that the pair of jeans has a high-rise cut and a dark wash. This will give you a slimming effect and make you look taller.

3.    Choose tops with V-cut necklines

V-cut necklines help you look taller. It may be a tank top, or a t-shirt, as long as it has a V-cut neckline, it would do the trick.

4.    Pick the right shoes

When it comes to shoes, try pointed-toe heels of any height. One thing to keep in mind is that any sort of heel will suit you perfectly. In addition, if you are more of a flat boot person, try one with little hardware.

5.    Be confident

The thing about being petite is; people think they can bully you, or look down at you. This cannot be further from the truth. As a petite woman, you should be confident in your shape and body. Remember, you are beautiful just the way you are, plus being petite has its own perks.

You do not have to go to the school of fashion and fitness to look good. Just follow these rules and tips and you will be fine. So, lift your chin up, stand tall, and walk gracefully. The only way to make your style look awesome is when you are confident in yourself. You are petite, so own it.

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