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There are around 380,000 churches in the United States. But not all of these churches have made the transition to being online. They are still old-fashioned and prefer to have worship services exclusively in-person.

But with COVID-19 disrupting everything, it’s become harder and harder to meet in person. It’s a challenge to talk to people in person and share the gospel.

That’s why there’s a need to a create website. There’s a need to create a church online presence.

Here’s a guide on how to create a church website effectively.

Find a Domain

Learning how to create a church website first requires you to find a domain.

A domain is a website provider like Bluehost. They have different plugins and website themes that help you create a website. These plugins and themes are important because it’s what your website will ultimately look like.

When you find a domain, you need to figure out what features you want. You need to know what the name of your website will be for your domain.

You should take time to find the best domain because it will help you figure out what your website will look like, and you can see what other churches do.

Have Categories for Your Church

After you’ve picked a domain, you should create a website with different subcategories.

This means you should have a section on your website for sermons, offerings, how to find your church, what you believe, and events.

For example, when you have sermons, it gives people an idea of what your pastor preaches and how to find these sermons online. It can give people a chance to listen to these sermons even if they live far away.

Another section that is vital to every online church is a giving section. This allows people to tithe to the church without having to be at the church in-person.

As you build your online website, you should also consider putting events on your website. It gives people an idea of what church activities are available to kids during the year.

Parents might want to know what social activities are available that can help them meet new parents and families.

Finally, you should have what you believe in your website. This is vital because it’s how you distinguish your church from other churches. It’s what you believe that makes your creeds and how you conduct your services different.

If you want insight on how to create a website design, you can check out The Ultimate Guide to Church Website Design.

Now You Know How to Create a Church Website

When you create a church website, you’re giving people more opportunities to discover your church. You’re giving more people more opportunities to listen to sermons and find out more about your service before they fully attend.

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