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It’s not hard for website owners and bloggers to differentiate between spam comments and engaging comments. Because most of them are standard and link-perspective comments, you have to make comments that actually count. 

Suppose you were looking for some information and you get a great article that answers everything you wanted. In manner to thank a blogger for helping you out, you want to share comments to show you appreciate their writing as well as the information they have shared. 

Whether to show your appreciation to bloggers or to give feedback on their blogs, here are the best comments to leave on the blog website.

Nice Comments For Blogger

Nice comments for blogger

Writing a blog isn’t as easy as it seems. The writer, the blogger has to spend hours researching to write, organize and present the best article for you. If you want to share your respect for information or the way they entertain you, here’s what to say to a blogger. 

  1. I like to say that I’m a huge fan of your work, keep doing your best. 
  2. Love your writing style. They are so catchy, you know how to keep the reader’s attention. 
  3. Every paragraph shows your writing pattern, I loved it. 
  4. I wasn’t fond of reading, but your writing made me read more. 
  5. How come you bring so many amazing topics? I’m very surprised. 
  6. I have never seen such a passionate blogger like you. 
  7. You’re my inspiration in my content writing journey. 
  8. Thank you so much for all the tips and tricks I’m following that. 
  9. Huge respect for your every effort, you did a great work here. 

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Best Comments For Blog Website

Best comments for blog website

There are so many blogs there. And not all are the same. Some are so awesome that they easily have your attention not with just articles, but with design, structuring, and everything. So if you want to leave comments on the blog site, this is how you say it. 

  1. Your website is an answer to my every query. 
  2. I’m following your website for about a year because it is so helpful. 
  3. Not sure if this website is too good or if I’m just become a fan. 
  4. So many blogs are there doing the same and there’s your bog. 
  5. I can’t thank you enough for making this website, you did good.
  6. Never seen a blog with so much helpful information in a great format. 
  7. Love your website, your content, and everything you do here. 
  8. So much love your work, this is one of the best websites on the planet. 
  9. I’m very excited about your new website, you selected the perfect theme for this topic.  

Engaging Comments For Blog Posts

Engaging comments for blog posts

If your comments aren’t sound engaging or genuine, the blogger moved it to the trash in no time. It’s not only about saying anything nice, however, but to say something that you feel while interacting with their blog post. Check out these best comments to leave on an article on a blog site. 

  1. This is what makes a perfect blog post. Thank you for writing this great piece. 
  2. I’m not usually leaving comments on articles, but this one has earned it. 
  3. Everything about this blog article is perfect. Loved it, genuinely. 
  4. You covered a unique topic and for that, you have my respect. 
  5. I was so confused about this subject, but glad you explained it beautifully.
  6. Seriously, I can’t stop appreciating your writing techniques, they are so effective.  
  7. The topic is indeed too technical but your writing help me to understand everything right. 
  8. Never seen a blog that is too descriptive and so helpful at the same time. 
  9. You did a great job sharing this information with us, truly appreciate that. 

Good Comments For Blog Forums

Good comments for blog forums

Being a blogger if you’re part of the blog forums, here’s how you can write positive and engaging comments on other’s blogs. This is the way to contribute to the bloggers’ community well and show genuine support to your fellow bloggers. 

  1. I’ve been reading your post from day one, you can say I’m your fan. 
  2. There are very few bloggers left who bring something new and creative. 
  3. Love your writing, the formatting, and the use of space, this post is perfect. 
  4. Everything from your blog is so perfect, you bring quality content. 
  5. I’m a huge fan of your creativity and the uniqueness of your content. 
  6. Your advice to write blog posts is so helpful and I’m here to say thanks for that. 
  7. I’m following your suggestion, there are unique and worth applying. 
  8. The tips, tricks, and advice you shared helped me a lot in my blogging career.
  9. I love this concept to bring all the like-minded bloggers and help each other out.

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Final Thoughts

If you don’t want your comments to get marked as spam or go to the trash, make sure it doesn’t feel like it. Share comments only when it is genuine and you don’t have any intention but it’s an expression of how satisfied you are with the post or blog. 

Whether it’s about complimenting a blogger’s writing style or thanking them for the valuable information, with your comments on the blog article you can do it right. Don’t keep your comment too short or too lengthy that it adds no value to the post. Keep it direct and honest regarding how you feel, what you learn, and what you like the most about that content piece. 

It takes time to write a single article as well as managing a blog isn’t an easy job. For that, all bloggers must be appreciated genuinely and comments are the way to do it. 

  1. This post has decoded every aspect of making a blog successful. Thank you so much. I have taken my keynotes and looking forward to applying them.

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