COVID-19 has hit a lot of industries around the world. While we strive to be safe and secure during this pandemic, many people are considering what the new normal may be in the post-pandemic world.

Live music and concerts are one of the biggest industries hit by COVID-19. With often thousands of people packed into a single venue, there is little hope for a direct return to the ways of the past.

Live music is far from dead, though, and with the right ideas and a real passion for live music, concerts can and will return.

The Joys of Live Music

Live music is a massive industry. With touring musical giants, packed arenas, and piles of merchandise, there is a lot to take in. While some concerts still remain, it can be hard to figure out the future of the industry from where we stand.

Live music has 5 powerful reasons that will keep it going one way or another.

1. That Personal Connection

Concerts can create so many memories. Whether out with friends, enjoying a night with your significant other, or seeing your favorite band for the hundredth time, the experience of a concert is huge.

Not only are concerts a great way to bond with your friends, but you get a real connection with the bands that play! So many musicians put on amazing shows that you should see to believe.

2. Getting Away From It All

We all have things we dislike in our lives and the pandemic is only making the list longer. Live music gives us an escape from it all that a simple record cannot.

The atmosphere of a concert often gives a clear and powerful focus on the joy that comes from music. The live music pulls you into the electricity of fans all around you with everyone taking in their favorite artists.

3. Adapting for the Music

Live music has overcome obstacles before. From ticket prices and natural disasters, there have been many reasons why live music has faced trouble. Every time, the community comes together.

As both fans and organizers look to find solutions to large concerts, ideas have come to adapt to the times. From drive-in concerts to virtual live streams, even the smallest of changes can help to keep live music going and the community is all for it.

4. An Unstoppable Music Industry

The live music industry is a billion-dollar industry. That amount of money and infrastructure put into live music makes it impossible to forget. This kind of industry doesn’t happen because of passive fans.

Over 52% of the US population loves live music concerts. With this much money going around, concerts have been growing bigger and better and now they can fund solutions that work.

5. Benefit Concerts

Concerts don’t have to be for personal pleasure only. Benefit concerts over the decades have given to many wonderful causes. This pandemic has had several benefit concerts already.

These benefit concerts are great feel good events that help good causes that keep the industry going in troubling times. Knowing your tickets are going to a good cause can help people come together.

Keeping the Scene Alive

Live music is often a chance to dive deep into what our musical passions can take us. It is where fans can come together and show their love for what drives them. Live music has a place in a post-COVID-19 world if we push for it.

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