Many kinds of businesses can benefit from employing a POS System:

  • Spas
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Salons

Each of these establishments has unique needs, and the Clover POS system can be used to meet them all. While other devices can only process payments, Clover equipment possesses several functions that can help you manage your data and improve your efficiency. In fact, these systems beat out the competition in these five areas.

  1. Versatile Hardware

There are several types of Clover systems, each of which has their own strengths:

  • Cloverflex
  • Clover Station
  • Clover Station 2
  • Clover Mobile
  • Clover Mini
  • Clover Go

Some models are handheld and specifically designed to be easy to access while on the go. Others may be placed on the counter without taking up too much space and contain a screen that can be easily read by customers. Whether you run a food truck, a boutique or formal dining establishment, there’s a device that can accommodate you.

  1. Helpful Features

While assisting customers is a huge part of any business, a lot of the crucial work goes on behind the scenes. Organizing and managing data can be time-consuming and cumbersome if you have information on several different systems. Clover allows you to keep all your data in one place and even provides analytics that generate easily understood reports. By storing and tracking all information on one device, you can cut out tedious data entry and boost productivity.

  1. Multiple Payment Method Processing Abilities

With the proliferation of digital money transfer apps, customers expect to be able to use their funds no matter the format. POS systems today need to be able to handle a variety of payment methods:

  • eWallets
  • Chip cards
  • Swipe cards

All Clover devices can handle these options, allowing customers to enjoy the convenience and you to choose your hardware without worrying about payment processing ability. These capabilities can put you a step ahead of the competition as digital payments become the norm.

  1. Loyalty Programs

The Clover software lets you store customer contact information, which you can put to good use through loyalty programs. Once your customers sign up, you can keep in touch with exclusive offers and news about future specials. This nurtures the relationship between you and your customers while encouraging them to return.

In addition to loyalty programs, the system also allows you to issue gift cards. What better way to ensure a second visit than a branded gift card?

  1. Personalized Support

When you purchase a Clover system, you’re not just getting hardware and software — you’re also getting stellar service. The process starts with a consultation to identify your business’s needs and pair you with the most appropriate Clover product. You then get a demonstration of all the great things your new device can do and instructions on how to integrate it into your current system. Finally, you receive support if you run into any problems with your equipment in the future.

Whatever your needs, there’s a device that can help you enhance your business.

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