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It’s hard to envision a world that doesn’t hold beauty standards. For that reason, it makes sense that the beauty industry‘s worth a whopping $532 billion. Timeless trends are the backbone of the industry—starting with the natural look.

Let’s debunk one myth. Natural beauty is a clean look, but natural beauties still use products. Knowing that helps explain the $5.6 billion skincare industry.

If you’ve ever seen someone with radiant, fresh-faced skin and wondered, what’s their secret, you’re in the right place.

Here’s why natural beauty has withstood the test of time.

Natural Beauties

Magazine covers sport natural beauty to appeal to the masses. No one wants to read a magazine they feel they can’t relate to. Photos reflect to the public their own potential.

Some call it a marketing ploy, but it’s smart to relate to your consumers. Reading a celebrity’s skincare routine can inform your skincare routine. Natural beauties reflect everyone’s natural beauty.

The question remains, what’s the natural look, and how do I get it? Here’s what to know.

1. Scale Back on Makeup

The natural look’s not something to create, but something to locate within you. Natural beauty is the opposite of your red hot lipstick or dark smokey eye.

You’re looking for subtle accents. What highlights your facial features? That fresh-faced feeling comes from the following things.

  • Subtle makeup like blushes, lip glosses, and light eye shadows
  • Colors that complement your skin tone
  • Radiant, hydrated, and moisturized skin

2. Skincare Regimen

The intuitive way to sport your natural beauty is through organic skincare products. Organic products use sustainable, natural, and pure ingredients to enhance the texture of your skin. Nature never gets old, so the natural look never will!

Your skincare regimen helps from the inside out.

3. Learn the Natural Look

Though the natural look has lasted for decades, no one has your face, skin, or beauty. Learning the natural look may have you remembering Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly to see what society loved.

That said, your beauty is yours—so discover what a fresh-face means for you!

4. What Society Says

Society doesn’t have all the say, but trends influence consumers. Social media makes it easy to circulate natural beauty tips and skincare routines.

Thankfully, society’s backed natural beauty as more than a trend since the beginning of time. That’s why cosmetic companies back self-empowerment campaigns.

It may start with soft shades of pink and neutral tones, but natural beauty is more about being your best self. Nothing says real like a natural-looking face.

No more costume makeup or changing who you are. Stay true to your authentic self with the natural look.


It’s true that less is more, and that goes for makeup, too. It’s fun to get dolled up once in a while, but natural beauties don’t need products to feel pretty.

Proper skincare routines and soft makeup is the perfect combo to uncover your natural look. Clean and simple are always beautiful.

What gives you your freshest face? For more self-improvement tips, check out our latest blog posts!

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