Selling vintage toys Selling vintage toys

In 2018, the total market value for the toys’ industry was $21.57 billion. But did you know you can make some good money selling vintage toys to buyers? Well, you can sell your vintage toys. Most people keep their trinkets in a box or hoard them in the bedroom. However, you may have lately decided to stop keeping old toys and let someone play with them. You can even make enough cash to offset a certain problem.  The good news is that you can sell your vintage toys and make good cash in the process. In this ever-growing industry, here is what you should know before selling your old toys.

1. What is the Value of Your Toy?

The first thing to do before selling your toy is to research its value. If you know what you are selling and it is worth, you can easily determine its value. The best place to research your toy value is a site that buys vintage toys.

2. Clean your Toys Carefully

Once you have determined to part ways with your toys, clean them carefully, and put them in a box. If your toys are not very old, you need a clean paintbrush, toothbrush paper towels, Q-tips, and a small amount of water. Use the water conservatively to clean your toy. If your toys are older, you will need a suitable solution for removing the remains left by missing stickers without destroying the surface.

3. Take High-Quality Photos

High quality photos of toys

If you need high quality and clear photos, you should use Mirrorless and DSLRs cameras. The latest iPhone or high-end Android phones also produce quality photos. Ensure that the pictures convey all the information that toy buyers will need to know. This means that you should take clear images of the affected areas. Also, it ensures buyers will have no excuse to back out of the sale. Ensure that your item is in its best state when taking pictures. If possible, box the toy and take photos in uniform lighting and white background.

4. What is the Best Description and Listing?

When listing your toy online, ensure that you provide all the necessary information.  Well established platforms have useful automation tools. Take your time to craft a perfect description and use item specifications. Include any information that will show the toy buyers you have an intimate relationship with the item. For instance, you will want to include a personal memory to make your listing stand out.

5. What is the Condition and Material of Your Toy?

Selling old toys

The toy materials and conditions can make a huge difference. Pristine condition in the world of antique means that the original toy is still in its packaging with the instructions. Mint condition toys will often fetch more than those that have been used and show tears and wear. Some toy buyers are interested in certain toys, such as Godaikin or Thundercats toy collection. If you have these toys, you are likely to get more money.

Additional Tip

Although most buyers generally accept normal wear and tear, you can fix the toy whenever possible. However, you should only let a professional do the restoration job for you. Fixing must be professionally and well done to maintain the value. You can always search for spares online to fix your broken toy.

These tips will help you if you want to sell vintage toys. Follow them, and the whole process will be a breeze.

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