Ways to make a break at work count Ways to make a break at work count

The importance of taking a break at work can’t be overstated. Everyone needs to take regular breaks throughout the working day to temporarily switch off, decompress, and recharge so that they can give 100% effort until their next break. Those that do not take regular and/or helpful breaks often suffer from stress, burnout, and dips in performance.

Nobody should feel guilty about taking a break when it is required, and it’s something that every employer should encourage. Of course, how you spend this time will be crucial, so here are a few ideas for ways in which you can make that work break count.

How To Make Your Break at Work, Worth Taking?

Go for a Walk

Perhaps the best way to spend a break at work is to get up and go for a walk. It’s hard to switch off when you stay sitting at your desk, so going out for fresh air is smart. A walk can also bring health benefits, which is important for those that usually spend most of the day sitting behind a desk. You might also find it helpful to stretch, as a typical office job can take its toll.


Being social in the office is important for morale and team-building, so this can be an enjoyable but also productive way to spend your time. It’s important to be social; just make sure that you are not interfering with anyone else’s work.

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Listen to Music

If you’re looking to switch off for a short while on your break and you don’t feel like socializing, listening to music is a good option and something that you can easily do no matter where you are.

A break at work

Horse Racing and similar

Online betting is a quick, easy, and fun way to spend your break and can be done on your phone anywhere with an internet connection. Betting can be a great distraction from your work, and there are endless options for activities to bet on, including racing Australia events for those interested in horse racing.

Healthy Snack

It’s vital that you aren’t working on an empty stomach, so enjoying a healthy snack and a glass of water is important when on a break and should help you to perform to a high standard throughout the day. It’s easy to go to the vending machine in this situation, but it’s much better to prepare a healthy snack at home and to bring it in.

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Speak to Loved Ones

If you could do with a morale boost, you might find that speaking to loved ones on your work break can be of help. It can be difficult to spend so much of the week away from friends and family, so a quick phone call or text message can be a nice reminder and give you a boost.

Everyone needs to take breaks throughout the working day, but how you use this time is just as important. Spend your break doing something productive or fun, and you will feel recharged and ready for your next period of work.

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