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Stuck in a rut at work? Tired of reaching for the television remote?

It’s time to stop reeling back in agony when asked the icebreaker, “so, what are your hobbies?” We’ve all been there. The stumbling, the counting on our fingers, and the then regurgitated: “I don’t know, reading, I guess.”

Put down those “books” and live a little. Splurge on yourself with these exciting, expensive hobbies you’re not embarrassed to talk about.

Around the World in Any Days

Add this one to your online dating profile, because it’s pretty cool.

Traveling is a rich-old dude’s pastime, but it’s been reimagined in post-‘Gram world. It’s a hobby that’ll take you to places you’ve never heard of or never thought of going to. Take it as an opportunity to engulf yourself in otherworldly traditions.

Be sure to record it either on social media or in a notebook. Keeping a log of your adventures is a fond keepsake to mull over.

ARRRGH, Me Wallet, Matey: Sailing the Seven Seas

There’s an adage about owning a boat. People compare it to a whirlpool somewhere in the Bermuda that sinks tankers of money.

It’s mostly true.

When you think of the stereotypical, highfalutin snob in movies, they all own sailboats. And sweater-vests.

Grab yourself a sailor’s cap and join the upper echelon of the elites: yacht racers. Or, if you’re not the competitive type, take your sailboat for a voyage. Be sure to bring your charts, sextants (hehe), and sea legs.

Set sail, y’a seadog!

Beep, Beep! Expensive Hobbies Comin’ Through

Toot-toot, beep-beep. Car collecting is a hobby that’ll drive you wild.

This is an obsession that Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno share. Their garages might be a little bigger than yours, but don’t let that stop you.

Start with a car you’ve always wanted—that sweet Hot Wheels car that was inseparable from your hand. Maybe a replica of the General Lee that’d make Bo Duke blush.

The best part of collecting is showing it off. Don’t let your ride collect dust and cobwebs. Take ‘er for a spin.

Adrenaline Junkies with Fat Wallets

Maybe the couch isn’t as thrilling as it once was. The cushions are worn. The batteries in the remote are finicky from age and wear.

You’ve had it. It’s timed to jump out of a plane.

With a parachute, of course. Your batteries dying wasn’t that big of a deal.

Flying towards the big, blue marble at terminal velocity is a thrill. As the horizon shrinks around you and the earth races toward you, adrenaline ignites your senses. You’ll never feel as alive.

For those that want to move in the opposite direction, there’s mountain climbing. The money needed to scale an icy mountain is enumerable. Everest is only for the thick-skinned and thick-wallet(ed?).

Whether your fancy is climbing to the stratosphere or plummeting, skydiving and climbing are dangerous. Some adrenaline junkies get their kicks, with a safer outcome, from gambling. If you’re feeling lucky, try it out at Unibet CA.

Haughty, Highbrow Hobbies for the Highfalutin

Bummed out about not having a life outside work or the sofa? Pick up a hobby. The fancier, the more fun.

Traveling the world makes for a worldly snob. You’ll have great stories to tell.

The rich collect boats and cars. Show them both off whenever possible.

If you’ve got the itch for adrenaline, scratch it with expensive hobbies like skydiving and mountain climbing.

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