When should children go school When should children go school

“The right age for children to start school is one of the longest-running and most polarizing issues in education, but an ongoing debate is already pushing divided opinion to extremes.

In one corner is an influential former adviser who is calling for schools to start admitting children as young as two to try to counter the effects of poor parenting. In the opposite corner is a group of academics, authors and charity leaders who argue that children should spend more time playing and formal schooling should be delayed until seven” says Forbes.

You should not really send your children to school until you know they are ready, else they may face difficulties to perform in class at a younger age. I have seen parents where the child is not able to speak, his hands can’t even pick bags or bottles but they start finding schools and take admission so that their child gets smarter sooner than others. You should know that you are the one before any teacher to be there for him. Think well, stay with your child and once you feel that he is ready to learn more – find him the right school

Rather than relying on your child’s age, All the parents should search for abilities that suggest that your child is ready for school or not. It will help your child excel rather than struggling during early childhood.

The following things will help you know if your child is ready for school or not.

1. Dresses Properly

He should be able to dress his own self properly like he should be able to put on his shirt, pull up his trousers, put on shoes and socks, and even invest in a good backpack for school.

2. Eating

He should be able to open his lunchbox and know how to eat food with the help of a spoon and by chewing it properly and should be able to drink water from his water bottle without spilling it all over.

3. Concentration

The child should be able to concentrate at least for a few minutes when someone is saying something and should be able to take action if any short instruction is given to him/her. As you will see that your child is following the instructions given by someone or you, you will gradually learn that your child is getting ready for school.

4. Socialize

He should be able to mix up with other children of his age, should play with them, talk with them. Not only in the house he should also be able to go out to play with other children but they will never learn this thing unless their parents will allow them to do so. I understand every parent worries about their children that’s why they don’t allow their children to go outside even for a minute but sometimes you just have to stop getting worried and let your child go out and play as it is for his own good, he will be able to learn about a new world outside his house, you will witness growth in your child day by day and then you will be able to make out that your child is ready for the school or not.

5. Observation

For a while do not put any restrictions on any of your child’s activities and let him do whatever he is doing, do not stop them unless they’re going for messing around any risky things. You just have to observe their each and every activity that how he is eating, how is dressing, how does he manage to go to the toilet alone, how does he manage to deliver his talk to someone in case he wants something done which he is not able to do like if he wants to watch cartoons for that he needs to switch on the T.V but he is not able to do because the switch of the T.V is far above his height. Just keep watching them carefully and day by day you will witness many changes in them. They will keep falling and keep learning while doing many things and this will help you to know that if your child is finally ready for school and learn some extraordinary things as well.

The readiness of the child for school depends on how fast and accurately he is learning the required things. Do not hurry and always keep these points in mind before you finally admit your child to any of the schools.

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