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Jewelry, be it a statement piece or daily wear, is an expression of who we are as individuals. It can be as flashy as diamonds or a simple necklace.

Sterling silver is a great option anyone should have in their jewelry box. It coordinates with any stone, style, and fashion.

So, let us review 5 important things to look for in sterling silver jewelry.

1. It’s Strong

Silver on its own is a rather soft metal. We get sterling silver by melting it with other alloys, mostly copper.

Sterling silvery is harder and much more durable than silver. With sterling silver still being 92.5% silver, it is considered a precious metal.

To make sure you are getting the best quality sterling silver, it should be stamped 925, .925, sterling, or sterling silver on the inside.

2. Sterling Silver is Timeless

Sterling silver has you covered when it comes to meeting your jewelry needs. Whether your jewelry needs are a ring, bracelet, or necklace.

Just make sure you know your ring size or the necklace length. Both are rather simple to find out if you don’t know. So, don’t fret.

You can find a necklace length chart online, as well as ways to measure your ring size. Sterling silver jewelry can easily become heirloom jewelry due to the durability and beauty it possesses.

3. It’s Hypoallergenic

There’s little need to worry about allergic reactions suddenly appearing. Sterling silver is hypoallergenic.

This versatile, elegant, and easy to wear piece of jewelry is just that: it is easy to wear. Since sterling silver is mostly composed of silver with a small percentage of copper to make it strong, you do not have to worry about cheap metals.

Not only will you look great in a piece of sterling silver, but you won’t have to worry about any harmful effects after. We wish the same could be said about breaking in new heels.

4. Minimal Maintenance

Looking for a daily wear piece? Sterling silver has you covered. It won’t tarnish.

The oil our bodies produce actually prevents tarnished silver. So, wear your favorite piece as often as you’d like. It’s actually encouraged that you wear this jewelry.

If your jewelry is looking a little dull, then a quick cleaning should help you out. There are no special care instructions.

5. Complimentary Piece

Coordinating our purse, shoes, and any accessories sound like dress up. However, that is the reality for many fashion-focused ladies.

Luckily, sterling silver looks just like white gold. You can add it to more expensive jewelry or wear it alone.

Sterling silver is an elegant piece of jewelry without even trying. You can wear it on grocery runs or even for special events. There are simply no restrictions on what sterling silver can transition to.

A Sliver of Silver

You have nothing to lose, only jewelry to gain. Start your sterling silver jewelry collection off small with a simple ring or necklace. It will do nothing but grow.

Sterling silver jewelry is durable, timeless, hypoallergenic, and goes with every outfit.

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