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Turning 21 is an important rite of passage for any young adult. 

From bat-mitzvahs to baptisms and quinceaneras, rites of passage signify a major milestone in your life and a change of status. Turning 21 means that you are entering adulthood, and with that comes added advantages and responsibilities. You can travel solo, hit the casino, purchase alcohol, and rent a car. 

If your 21st is coming up, you want to pick the perfect birthday party venue to celebrate the momentous occasion. There are a few important things to consider when you are deciding where to celebrate. 

Keep reading to learn more about how to choose the perfect venue and more 21st birthday party planning tips.

The Budget 

One of the most important factors of choosing a birthday party venue for a 21st birthday is managing your budget. 

You want to set a realistic budget right from the start and ensure that you stay within it. Whether you’re covering the cost, or your family is helping you be sure to solidify your budget before you look for venues. 

This will help you filter out certain venue options and get the right venue to suit your needs.

When inquiring about pricing, ask about what is included in the venue package and if there are hidden fees. Often, venues can offer packages that include food and beverages, entertainment, and decor. However, if you want to decide on your own menu and decor, you can negotiate a cheaper price for the use of the venue. 

Be aware that venues often have different prices on different days of the week. You might benefit from renting your venue for a less popular day. 

The Guestlist 

Creating the perfect guest list can make or break your party. Naturally, you want your closest friends and family in attendance. 

The guest list is also important when choosing a 21st birthday party venue. You want to ensure that the size of the venue suits the number of guests you have. If the venue is too big, it could make your party venue look empty or sparse. Likewise, with a small venue and too many guests, it can feel overcrowded. 

When you’re shopping around for venues, ask about the maximum capacity and how many guests can fit comfortably. 

Keep in mind that not every guest will be able to attend, so you can leave some wiggle room on your guest list. 

The Menu 

Food and beverages often take a large part of the party budget. As previously mentioned, some venues provide catering, while others don’t allow you to bring outside food and drink. 

This can be a deciding factor in where you host your birthday party. If you want outside catering, be sure that your venue allows it. 

Choosing to bring outside food and drinks will take more time and effort but it could also save you money in the long run. You can also opt for combination services from both the venue and outside suppliers. Allow the venue to serve up the drink and order catered food from your favorite restaurant.  

The Entertainment 

Entertainment at your birthday party will set the tone and atmosphere for your guests. You want your guests to enjoy themselves and that means keeping them entertained. 

You can have a live band, a DJ, or an artistic performer. The entertainment options are endless but they also have to suit your budget and your venue. Choose the entertainment that reflects you and that will keep your guests having fun. 

You also want to consider the audiovisual factors of your entertainment. Lighting, sound, microphones, and video screens can all be incorporated into your entertainment. Be sure that these are available in your venue. 

If you want built-in entertainment, this location offers a great venue with a ton of on-site entertainment that your guests are sure to love. 

The Decor 

Decor is a fun way to personalize any venue for your birthday party. You can incorporate balloons, flower arrangements, and themed banners to add to the atmosphere of your party. 

Once you’ve chosen a theme for your birthday party, you can begin to choose some decorations that suit the theme. You can pick a color scheme, ensuring that your balloons, flowers, and party supplies all match. You can get as creative as you like (and as your budget will allow) when it comes to decorations. 

The Wow Factor 

Adding a wow factor to your birthday party can make it memorable for you and your guests. The idea is to add something special to your party for your guests to enjoy. Here are some 21st birthday party ideas for a wow factor: 

  • Adding a media wall 
  • Incorporating a neon sign with your favorite saying 
  • Hiring an ice-cream truck 
  • Getting a special performer 
  • Creating an over-the-top dessert station

These are some ways that you can add to the atmosphere of your party and make it a night to remember. Be creative and make it personal to you – after all, it’s your 21st birthday and it will only happen once! 

Celebrate In Style With The Perfect Birthday Party Venue 

While life has many important milestones, few will feel as significant as your 21st birthday. Honoring your entry into adulthood deserves the perfect party. If you’re looking for the perfect birthday party venue, be sure to set your budget, adjust your guest list, decide on the menu, offer entertainment, and make a splash with decor. 

For more useful birthday party tips and tricks, keep coming back to our awesome blog! 

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