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Is workplace safety one of the top priorities of your business? If it’s not then it should be.

Creating a safety program will protect your employees and serve as an operational guide for everyone to follow. This is especially necessary if you have a lot of employees and your company is big, or both.

If you’re curious about how to create a workplace safety program? Then keep reading to learn all about it!

Establishing Goals 

Creating goals for your workplace safety program is essential for ensuring the safety of your staff and protecting against costly liabilities. Your goals should be SMART – specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-bound. 

Your goals should be customized to the risks and needs of each job and worksite. Make sure your goals are clearly communicated and updated regularly.

Evaluating and Identifying Hazards

Conduct a job hazard analysis that identifies tasks, operations, and processes that could result in health and workplace safety hazards. After this, the next step is to assess the risk of each hazard. This involves looking at the frequency and severity of the hazard, and how likely the hazard is to cause an injury.

Implementing Control Measures

Once the risks have been assessed the proper controls must be implemented to minimize the hazard. Common control measures may include the use of personal protective equipment and engineering controls. You can also provide flame proof clothes for extra protection.

Training and Educating Staff on Safety Protocols

If a company wants its staff to be safe, it must ensure that the safety protocols are properly understood and followed. Appropriate workplace safety training should include the proper use of safety equipment. Also, understanding of the hazards and risks associated with the environment and reactions to different types of emergencies.

It is also important to provide workers with training materials and regular refresher courses for them to maintain current information on safety protocols. All staff should also be held accountable for following established protocols. Doing all this will ensure your workplace is as safe as possible.

Reviewing and Updating Your Safety Program

Reviewing and updating your workplace safety program is an important step in making sure it’s up to date and that all workers comply. Decide when and how often to review your program. Depending on changes in the industry, equipment, and locations you may decide to review it every six months or annually.

Audit worksites and equipment to identify any areas of hazard or non-compliance with safety regulations. Revising safety program according to necessary changes. Consult a safety expert to make sure everything is up to date and that your program is meeting all safety regulations. 

Create a Workplace Safety Program Fit for Your Company 

It is essential to create a workplace safety program to protect your employees and the company. It is essential to include all the necessary components, such as risk assessments, safety protocols, and procedures. To ensure success, it is wise to create a safety team and involve workers to get feedback.

Consult a safety expert and get your business accident free.

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