It's time to replace your wallet It's time to replace your wallet

We don’t often think about replacing our wallets until ours are bent and falling apart. It’s easy to gloss over wallets, focusing on practicality over style.

A wallet is not something people see a lot of unless you’re paying for something. The irony is that it’s usually something we keep in our back pocket or bag, even though we use it to store our money and bank cards.

But a wallet can say more about you than you would think. Our wallets can still signal our professional status, creativity, style, and economic status to other people. For better or worse, people make snap judgments over tiny details that we might not otherwise think are important.

If you pull out a minimalistic, embossed leather wallet, you will get a completely different snap judgment than if you were carrying a velcro wallet.

Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Old Wallet

The chances are that you have had your current wallet for a couple of years, and though it is probably not completely destroyed, it is looking a little worn.

Like any fashion accessory, a wallet is another extension of your style. Wallets can be simple or extravagant, big or small, professional or creative. There is so much that you can say with the right wallet.

Signs Your Wallet Is Getting Old

There are the obvious signs that it is time to replace your old wallet, such as:

  • Stains
  • Holes or tears
  • The card holder inserts are stretched out

These types of issues can impact the overall integrity of the wallet, and at this point, most people will often buy a new one. You should look at other signs that may not affect the wallet’s function but are an indicator that your wallet has seen better days.

  • Design: For wallets with graphics or other designs, especially embossed wallets, the design can become worn and fade after a while. The colors are no longer as solid, and the design is no longer consistent.
  • The Fold Lines: The fold lines become worn and wrinkled on bi-fold and tri-fold wallets. It happens from the normal wear and tear of opening the wallet.

What Wallet Works Best for You?

There are many different types of wallets; bifold, tri-fold, RFID, leather, travel, slim, etc. There are wallets with varying fold types, protection abilities, styles, and functions for use. The wallet that may have worked for your parents might not be the wallet that works best for you.

When looking for a new wallet, consider these points before choosing one:

  • Determine what features are important to you. Do you need something sleek and compact? Do you need a wallet that can carry important documents or a passport? Look at what will work best for your daily life and events where you might need something special.
  • What style do you want? Do you want something with lots of colors to show your creativity or personality? Or are you looking for something that gives a more classic and professional image?

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The Benefits of Leather

You can’t underestimate the power of a nice leather wallet. Leather card holders, like these we love from Carl Friedrik, provide you with a classic style that works for everyone, from blue-collar workers to CEOs.

Also, they provide a multitude of benefits over other types of wallets because:

  • Leather wallets are classic and can go with just about everything. You can get leather bi-fold, tri-folds, cardholders, and passport cases. Leather wallets also come in several different styles, including basic, embossed, black, tan, and much more. Because they have a timeless look, they will always be professional.
  • They are sturdy and can last much longer than typical cloth or plastic wallets.
  • They are always in fashion. Leather wallets are great when you’re out with friends, on vacation, or at work.

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Out with the Old

There is no need to wait until your old wallet falls apart. Get a new wallet to go with the new you or the professional you. How you dress and what you do can make a huge impact. Don’t let something as minor as your wallet take away from the statement you’re trying to make.

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