Obtaining romanian citizenship Obtaining romanian citizenship

There are different reasons why people decide to immigrate to the European Union. Some find it a perfect place to live in. Others want to run businesses under convenient conditions. But all people want to get the European privileges and opportunities that are not available in their native country. With the help of Migrationcentr immigration company, relocation to Europe might be beneficial, fast, and reliable. The expert understands how to obtain Romanian citizenship correctly, what nuances customers may face up with, and which immigration procedure will be perfect to achieve one’s goals. In this article, you will find information about the company’s help, and reviews on Migrationcentr assistance from real clients.

Reasons why you should immigrate to Romania

Reasons why you should immigrate to romania

Romania is a growing country with a stable economy, high-quality education, a high level of medicine, and a lot of potential workplaces in corporations. It is more profitable to live in Europe than in the CIS because as a European citizen you will have the following privileges:

  • Visa-free travel to over 150 countries;
  • Living and employment in the EU without processing permissions;
  • Study at any public or private university without restrictions.

There are such pros of moving to Romania as high salaries and good infrastructure. You will be able to pick the best place for running your business, and in the same time have a low tax policy. The con is that sometimes it can be not easy for you to understand the locals if you don’t know Romanian.

How can immigrants obtain an EU passport?

There are usually three ways of obtaining citizenship in a European Union country: naturalization, investment and repatriation.

  • Naturalization is the best solution for you if you don’t have any descendants in the country and you live there long enough (about 8 years). To obtain a passport, previously you have to get a residence permit in Romania and a permanent residence permit, which allow you to live legally in the country.
  • Investment is a way of obtaining an EU passport if you have a lot of money and are ready to make investments in the state’s economy or other government investment programs.
  • Repatriation is the easiest way to become a European citizen. The procedure is available if you have Romanian ancestors, who are/were citizens of this country. Repatriation has more benefits because it allows one to obtain dual citizenship in a short time.

Romanian passport with the legal support

Taking into consideration the personal experience of the clients, obtaining a Romanian passport is a simple procedure if you ask for Migration Centr’s support. The immigration company takes responsibility for the following important steps:

  • Performing archival work, finding and collecting all the documents that are needed for the application;
  • Preparing the best relocation plan for the customer by Migrationcentr;
  • Translating and notarizing papers;
  • Filling out the application;
  • Support of Migrationcentr in obtaining local documents: passports, driver’s license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

Romanian passport registration with Migration Centr’s support means an easy relocation procedure.

Customers’ reviews about immigration company

According to the customer feedback on the Internet, clients say that cooperation with Migrationcentr.com is the most reliable and convenient way of relocating to the European Union. The lawyers of the company make the Romanian passport obtaining procedure seamless. Moreover, customers say that the company has a wealth of experience, gained through years of successful activity. The feature of Migrationcentr on clients’ opinions is that it provides a free consultation before cooperation, which allows knowing in advance how successful their relocation to Romania would be.

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Registration Romanian passport with the legal help

If you are interested in a quick, convenient, and safe relocation to one of the European Union countries, you should choose an immigration company. Migrationcentr is a reliable expert with a lot of experience in helping people move to Europe and with a large positive customers’ review base. The company provides complete legal support for immigration to Europe. All the paperwork is the lawyer’s responsibility, as it said in feedback on Migration Centr, so you have time to solve your own issues. Moreover, lawyers evaluate in advance the possibility to obtain citizenship in Romania for each client, so as to increase the immigrant’s chances to get a Romanian passport. Customer feedback on Migrationcentr helps immigrants realize all the pros of cooperation with lawyers.

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