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If we learned anything about the event industry in 2020, it’s that it can adapt quickly. Last year was the year when virtual events exploded.

Keynote speakers, event planners, and attendees had to make adjustments on the fly. Those adjustments worked and it’s likely that virtual events are part of the future.

About 71% of marketers expect virtual events to continue beyond the pandemic. It’s more likely that a hybrid event will take the place of pure in-person events.

Hybrid events are a great way to cut costs without cutting corners on the quality of the event. Read on to learn more about hybrid events and how to put one together.

What Is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is any type of event that has an in-person and virtual component to it. Tradeshows have speakers and some attendees in person, while other attendees attend the tradeshow virtually.

Running races allow participants to race at their homes while getting a swag bag in the mail. Workshops are delivered in-person and virtually as well.

Start With the Purpose of the Event

Do you want to know how to set up a hybrid event? You need to start with the purpose of the event.

Do you want to launch a product, raise money for a charity, or create an industry-leading conference?

Once you know your purpose, then it becomes much easier to find a suitable location and make other decisions around the event.

Get Professionals to Help

There is a lot that is involved with putting on a hybrid event. That’s because you have the technology component to deliver a quality event.

The audio and video have to be perfect. You need to make sure that your attendees are engaged instead of staring at a screen.

You need to find the right venue that can handle hybrid events. Then you have to find the right presenters and find a ticketing platform that works.

This is why you need to have professionals help you put together the event. You should learn more about the expertise they bring to your event.

Marketing the Event

How you market the event determines your success. One of the reasons why people love events is the ability to network and connect with others in the industry.

You need to market your hybrid event promoting high levels of engagement during the event. Remember that people want to get the feeling that they’re there in person.

Your ability to get people engaged before and during the event is critical to your success.

How to Put on a Successful Hybrid Event

A hybrid event can help you deliver a high-quality, high-impact event. You can expand your reach and welcome attendees from around the world.

Make sure that you understand why you are doing the event, what the end result is, and what attendees get out of it. You can then hire help to put together the event for you.

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