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You know that showing your staff appreciation offers the benefit of keeping them satisfied so that they feel cared for and do the best work for you. But did you know that showing your employees appreciation can even save your company money by cutting turnover costs significantly?

So, you should go big this Staff Appreciation Week and host a memorable party your workers will love. While some options cost more money and involve trips outside the office, you also have inexpensive ways to show staff appreciation to consider.

Read on for four party ideas that may fit your company’s budget and needs.

1. Bring in Some Entertainment

If you seek fun office staff appreciation ideas, consider hosting some entertainment like a local band, magician, or comedian. While your workers enjoy the performance, you can offer food and drinks for a full experience.

To make things even more engaging for workers, you could hire a DJ and take requests. You could even have karaoke sessions where workers can try their hand at singing.

You can find more staff appreciation ideas on the Bonusly website.

2. Celebrate a Memorable Decade

There’s a good chance your workers have a favorite decade – whether it’s related to music, fashion, or the overall culture. So, why not have a party where your staff can dress up and have some fun recreating that time?

For example, you could host a 1980s party where everybody dresses up in the colorful clothing of the time and dances to upbeat music. You could even host a disco party to celebrate the 1970s.

3. Get the Team Active With a Sports Party

Do your employees like to watch or join in on sports, and you want an inexpensive staff appreciation day idea? Then you can easily make an afternoon or even full weekend day out of a sports party.

You could have workers wear jerseys from their favorite teams and eat snacks like they would at games. You could also arrange for them to play a single game or even make an office championship out of it.

4. Have a Fun Outing in Town

If your budget allows it, you have plenty of ways to reward your staff with a day or night out in town. For example, you can rent out a bowling alley or arcade and let your workers get some time to play, or you could go to a nice restaurant.

For less money, you could have a local scavenger hunt or try a picnic at the park.

Make the Most of Staff Appreciation Week

While you should consider some of these party ideas for staff appreciation week, consider that each day should also be staff appreciation day. You’ll want to show your workers regularly that you respect them by listening to their ideas, rewarding them for hard work, and fostering a positive work environment.

If you’re not sure which party idea would best fit your staff’s interests, consider doing a survey about their hobbies, favorite foods, or beloved sports teams. This will help you get an idea of what could appeal to most workers.

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