Family well being essentials Family well being essentials

In order to deeply understand what well-being is all about, the scientists from Gallup have conducted a study that covered over 150 states and they simply asked people to imagine what their best possible future would look like. Although individual differences where high, people most commonly gave two answers: wealth and good health. However, five factors have emerged in this study that show in what areas well-being is important to people, including social, career, financial, physical and community factors. One family man can only do so much as to try to satisfy his needs related to some of these factors. Here we will focus on community and social factors and give you some helpful tips to improve your family’s well-being.

Take the role of the family supporter

Making people in your family happier is only going to make you happier. However, this circle of happiness has to start somewhere and why shouldn’t it start with you? Think about the last time you told a member of your family that you are proud of them and how it made both of you feel. Even if you might consider yourself as a person of high standards, you should keep in mind that not everyone is as ambitious or success-driven. You need to adjust your standards from time to time and help your family see that you will support them even if they are not successful as they wished to be. Support is the foundation of achievement, especially when it comes to kids. So, you should know that even if they are not good at something at the moment, supporting them and embracing advancement will help them grow into great adults.

Make a well-being plan

What’s known as the family social climate can easily be disrupted if some family members are not feeling well or if they have different opinions from the rest of the family. Such occasions call for an intervention and making a plan conceived with the idea of enhancing your family’s well-being. Even if you don’t have problems concerning the family climate, you can still make a plan to improve your family’s lifestyle and mental health. This plan should consist of relaxing and bonding family activities you can enjoy together as a family, as well as a list of regular health checkups you should all do. Every family member can also make their own personal well-being plan that will be focused around the main family plan. In case you feel you need help, you can consult family counseling to give you support in improving your family’s well-being.

Clean your air the right way

Some of the major health problems in big family homes can have a lot of problems related to insufficient air cleaning. Allergies easily develop in homes with a lot of dust and mite, which is why you should think about making your home a place where you can breathe in clean air. Opening the windows and making a draft at least once a day will help the accumulated dust particles go away, but thorough cleaning is necessary in order to truly make your home dust-free. However, even if you have cleaned every single dust particle there is, another layer of dust will come very soon to take its place. So, what you need is a constant air purifying device that will stop the dust and other air pollutants from accumulating. What will surely satisfy your air quality needs is getting a reliable air purifier that not only stops dust particles from spreading, but also filters out smoke and carbon particles. Air cleaners with HEPA filters are known to be very quiet, easy to use and tested up to 99.99% for air purifying efficiency.

Make dietary changes as a family

A family that eats together stays together. Another aspect where support is highly related to well-being is dieting. If a family member wants to go on a diet, then having food in the home which will draw this person to madness is neither fair nor considerate. However, this doesn’t mean that all household members should be punished by having the house fridge filled with everything green. You should communicate as a family why having a healthy diet is important, and furthermore, try finding common ground. You can make a grocery shopping plan so that there can’t be sugary goods in the house all the time, but there’s also no need for an overflow of asparagus in the fridge. Try to choose food that is nutritive and make tasty, balanced meals. Try creating a family mindset where healthy eating is not a diet, but a way of life.

Remember that the way to family well-being isn’t a straight one, nor does it go only forward. You will sometimes take detours and go around in circles, but if you are focused and determined, you will find your way to help both yourself and your family feel better than ever.

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