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Do you experience frequent eye bags or dark circles?

Seeing someone’s puffy eye bags gazing back at you is one of the most disturbing that may happen. Eye bags and dark circles each present pose challenges to our daily appearances.

Caffeine and poor circulation are the usual culprits behind swollen eyelids. However, puffy eyes have many other causes as well.

In reality, the two conditions typically co-exist, increasing the possibility that you will experience both simultaneously or in a shifting cycle. So here we’ll explain all you need to know about eye bags vs dark circles.

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Eye bags, also known as orbital hernias, are often caused by age, fatigue, a high sodium diet, and allergies. Eye bags appear when the natural fat surrounding the eye begins to protrude due to thinning of the tissue.

Dark circles are usually a result of genetics, fluid retention around the eyelids, thinning skin, and rubbing the eyes. Both eye bags and dark circles can be worsened by allergies, stress, excess sun exposure, etc.

Eye bags are more likely to be seen near the lower eyelids and can mimic dark circles, making it hard to tell which one is present. On the other hand, dark circles are often seen along the entire orbital rim. They can also be accompanied by eye bags or puffiness.


The way we treat dark circles and eye bags is different. For dark circles, treatments such as creams, chemical peels, and laser or cryotherapy (freezing) can help reduce the appearance.

Eye bags, laser treatments, injectable fillers, or blepharoplasty (surgery) can reduce puffiness. Regular application of eye cream and cooling eye masks may help reduce the appearance of both. 


Eye bags and dark circles are distinct yet widespread issues many faces. Both have been linked to exhaustion and general fatigue, and the same methods are applied when it comes to prevention.

Getting adequate rest, drinking plenty of water, avoiding alcohol, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet can help reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark circles. Prevention of both requires a little effort to look your best, but the results are worth it.

Quick Fix of Eye Bags vs Dark Circles

At-home quick fixes for diminishing the appearance of eye bags and dark circles can include using a cool compress to reduce puffiness, using a hydrating eye cream to nourish the delicate skin, and using a color corrector to minimize the dark circles.

While quick fixes can help restore a more awake and alert appearance, particular lifestyle and dietary changes can help keep the eyes looking bright and undereye bags and circles at bay.

If you’d like to know more about how treatments can help your eye health, view here for more information.

Get Rid of Eye Bags and Dark Circles Now

Eye bags vs dark circles are two distinct issues caused by different factors. While they may appear similar at first, it is possible to differentiate between them with a closer look.

If you’re unsure whether you have dark circles, eye bags, or both, it’s best to consult a professional for a proper diagnosis. Contact a board-certified dermatologist today for the treatment suited to your individual needs.

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