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There is no better feeling than the wind whipping around you as you hit the open road on your new bike. Doing so safely, however, requires a few key pieces of motorcycle gear. Consider this your ultimate beginner’s guide to what you really need to hit the road.

Keep reading below to learn about the gear you need to ride safely and with style!

The List

What you wear when you hit the road can make the difference between a fantastic ride and a really bad day. There are five key items that every rider should invest in before hitting the road. These are a good helmet, gloves, jacket, boots, and pants.

While this may sound like a shopping list for Old Navy, motorcycle gear is no simple matter. From crash protection to cool factor good gear is important. Integrating these five items into your kit is worth the investment.

Bad Gear Means Bad Times

Having a good understanding of the dangers of riding will help you make the best decisions on the gear for you. Nearly 5,000 American motorcycle riders die in crashes every year. Of these accidents over a third were due to improper or inadequate riding attire.

Loose clothing can get caught up in moving parts of a bike. A poorly made helmet may shatter on impact, leaving your head exposed to the force of a crash. No helmet leaves you completely defenseless.

Thin shoes, slip-ons, or flip flops leave the sides of your feet exposed to the heat of your engine. They also won’t stand up to the stress of an emergency co-stop or hot brake. That means broken ankles and bad times.

What Makes Good Motorcycle Gear

It can be hard to sort good gear from the garbage on the market. The main tip for finding a quality kit is to only buy your gear from a reputable retailer or brand. The Kawasaki parts warehouse, for instance, carries quality gear.

The safest motorcycle helmets on the market are the ever-popular full-face helmets. These sleek and stylish helmets come with an integrated chin bar which has been shown to reduce head and neck trauma by 50%. Not to mention the modern amenities that new helmets offer.

With your jacket and gloves and pants, you want something that protects you while being comfortable. Good gloves will also dampen vibrations and a good jacket will keep you at a comfortable temperature. Making sure that your gear fits will go a long way to keeping you safe while you ride.

Good materials for riding apparel are heavy denim, leather, or thick synthetic materials. The thicker the fabric, the more padding you have if you hit the ground. Note that you always want to make sure what you’re wearing isn’t flammable for the ultimate safety on the road.

Your boots are what keeps you grounded. You want boots that are both comfortable and tough. Thick soles and heat resistant sides are the key things to look for in a good boot.

Gear Up With Confidence

With this knowledge of what you need and why you needed, you can hit the road with full confidence. So gear up and hit the road with the best motorcycle gear that you can buy. Ride safe, and ride with confidence.

And if you need help finding the best part, just keep reading our website. We’re here to help keep you informed about the best gear for your ride!

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