Camping tents in forest- survival kit essentials Camping tents in forest- survival kit essentials

A survival kit is a must have for any person who wants to survive in the wild.  And if you don’t already have one then you  should consider buy one right away.

Some of the basic essential items are food, water and clothing. Other important things that we must have without fail are a compass, first aid kit, bug out bag and survival knives. 

It will give them more options  so that they can handle an emergency. Such as an approaching bear or other animals. They can also be useful for everyday needs. So if you plan on going camping, it would be best to bring what you need with you.

Some of the essentials in any survival kits are-food, water, and clothing. Of course, when buying a survival kit, there are some things that you should consider. Check out survivaltechie.com for options that suite you.

When considering Food, look for dehydrated foods, canned foods, and freeze-dried foods. These are going to be cheaper and you can find them in most stores that sell goods.  And you can buy many cans for a very low price.
It is also wise to think about how long you are going to be gone. And make sure you bring some canned fruit and vegetables for a couple of days. So that your body does not become depleted of calories.

Water is probably the most important part of any survival tool. As you will likely be out in the wilderness for a long time. Make sure that you bring enough water for your entire group, and not just a person or two.

Clothing should be something that you would want to wear, especially if you are in the woods for any period. You may want to bring a few spare shirts and pants, and possibly a jacket that you can change into if it gets too cold.

Camping in the wilderness- survival kit gear.


Now let us look into some other elements which will be useful and make your experience a memorable.


As we all know, a compass tells me the directions, but most people don’t know the different types of North, such as true north, grid north, and magnetic north.

A compass can help you find your way back if you’re lost whether you have a map or not. Which I must say will come in handy especially if you are trying to travel at night.

Most compass now comes with a growth in the dark feature, and also contains other survival tools if you get the multi-purpose ones. And you will look like Indiana Jones.


First Aid Kit

In addition to food and water, your survival kit should contain a good first aid kit. If you get injured, then it would prove to be really helpful. It will keep you stable and give you some relief from the pain.

Hence an emergency medical kit is a must for your outdoor activities. You should always carry your first aid kit in a cool place nearby. It is best to have an emergency plan of action if you get injured while out enjoying your outdoor activities.

Keep your kit in a dry place where you can easily access it. You will be well prepared.


Bug Out Bag

A Survival Bag can be a very valuable asset for your children. They are an important safety precaution against many of the potential hazards they face in life.

For example, if your child decides to explore the property in search of a new toy. Well you can’t control them easily. You can make sure wear those belts from the bug out  bag. That they may not wander around when you are busy setting up.

This will give them the extra protection that is needed to prevent injury. Encourage them to use it when venturing out on their own.


Survival Knives

A survival knife is a vital tool for many individuals. The reason is that some people would not be able to survive if they do not have a knife in their possession.

This would include animals and even humans. Whether or not you are an animal hunter or a bird watcher, there is a reason that you need a survival knife in your kit. A survival knife is not always expensive, but it should be chosen with the intention of preparing yourself for a dangerous situation.

Hope this will be reminder to your essential must have items in your survival kit. Before you enjoy the nature by camping in wild, make sure safety comes first. Happy Surviving.

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