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The current scenario of Indian Economy is little in the back foot. Due to continuous crisis in world economy and market, the job market is seem to moving backward. Pruning of workers from banking, marketing, heavy industries even media industries are signalling the degradation of economic condition. And, this has created fear in the young minds aspiring for exams like JEE Main 2018.

Engineers, B-school grads, post-grads are facing the heat in a large number. But in the world of increasing population, unemployment continues to increase. Joblessness has become a severe epidemic in the developing as well as developed countries. This situation makes the youth scared and numb.

This is why graduates, post-graduates are applying for group-D examination. It clearly describes the frustration level and desperation among youth. Sad but true. Here are some personal experiences shared by 4 engineering graduates.

Trauma of rejection: An Engineering student got placed in his final year study of Electronics and Electrical Engineering. The company, who selected him, deferred his joining several times and just before he joined, rejected his candidature and reason was being stated as slowdown in the US market.

Now, how the beginner was shattered! His promising career stopped just before starting. In most of the cases, candidates harm themselves by trying to commit suicide, drug/alcohol addiction etc. but this candidate didn’t give up on life. He tried for betterment and started preparing for CAT with topics as vast as JEE Main Syllabus. But how many people are as lucky as him in this country? How many candidates would actually taste the second opportunity?

In spite of booming market and economy, population and unemployment are growing rapidly. There are some who take rejection as another opportunity, while some take it as failure. But, one must always remember, according to Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, “failure is the key to the success” and “ZERO ends with ‘O’, which is the first letter of ‘opportunity’.”

Frustration for being unsuccessful: Everyone aspires to be successful but not everyone becomes one. A qualified engineer from Indraprastha University, Delhi was unsuccessful to get a job in his own domain and in order to make himself busy, he joined a call center. His shift was from 4.30 p.m. to 8 a.m. wherein he reached home by 10 a.m., had some food and went to sleep. He woke up in the evening and again went to office to make call. While his friends are busy in their world, he was busy in making call for US clients. Here, the psychology is not to earn money but to hide his failure under his awkward busy schedule.

Facing heat due to unemployment: An engineer who qualified form Indraprastha Engineering College in IT domain secured a job but lost the same at an early stage due to pruning manpower policy in his company. He is still jobless, after six months. He faces constant scolding from his parents each day and is called a lazy bug. Waking up late in the morning, spending time with television and newspaper is all that he does the entire day. He doesn’t meet his friends and family members to hide his face. He think any job is better than this life.  He is getting into darker phase of life and has lost all his hopes.

Career compromise: An Engineering graduate who is currently associated with some college project work completed his graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering from a Bangalore engineering college but couldn’t manage any job. All the hard work of clearing competitive exam went in vain. In such a case, one can rely on alternate exams like VITEEE 2018.

He joined a project in his college and gets monthly stipend. His working hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the college laboratory. Alongside, he is also preparing for GATE and now aspiring for a project scientist position at Bangalore IISc. Getting something is better than being unemployed.

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