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When it comes to simple car automation, the automotive industry knows nothing better than electric actuators. This technology allows for organizing numerous car features to happen almost with a snap of fingers and even easier. Here is how actuators are used to automate modern car mechanisms and electronics.

Car doors are locked with the help of electric linear actuators from the inside by pressing the button located under the door window at the top of its lining. To close the front doors from the outside, insert the door key into the lock and turn it slightly to the right or left (depending on the door type).

If the lock button is lowered on the driver’s door that is open, it will automatically return to the upper (open) position, when the door is slammed.

To lock the rear doors of the car, customers just have to click on the buttons of the locks and slam the doors. 

Access to the Car Locked with the Help of Linear Actuator

The central lock allows car owners to automatically lock all doors at the same time when they press the lock button on the driver’s door or lock it with a key. The tailgate can be closed separately by turning the key in the driver’s door to the right from a vertical position.

All these became available once the electric linear actuators were implemented in such industrial spheres like agriculture, construction, mining, and the automotive industry. Designed in compact enclosures to fit in the narrowest areas and technologies, these actuators are sturdy, durable, and ideal wherever there is a need to raise, lower, pull, rotate a certain load.

Automated electric linear actuators are used to open and close the doors of cars, garages, various locks, and even for the construction of motorized robotic arms for automotive industry assembly lines.

Linear actuators are high-quality actuators with long duty cycles. These devices merely don’t require regular maintenance services.

The linear drive can be integrated into modern control systems – providing accurate feedback and precise drive control. Modern electric actuators of Progressive Automations, thanks to their innovative and compact design, provide high performance and a wide range of capabilities for pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic systems.

Electric linear actuators are devices that convert the rotational motion of a low direct current voltage into a rectilinear motion – meaning that actuators perform the pushing or pulling movements. 

Types of movement of the electric actuator

 The linear actuator is a device that converts an input signal into motion. It is used in car trunk locks for the need to perform linear motion and is also used for linear applications by converting a linear motion circular from the bolts and screws of the converter. Mechanical actuators operate by converting rotational motion into linear motion, or vice versa.

Conversion is usually done through several simple types of mechanisms, including a screw: a socket screw, a ball screw, a roller screw. Rotating the actuator nut, the screw shaft moves in a line, moving the screw shaft, causing the nut to rotate. Reinforced electric actuators are used to automatically lock the car doors and trunk lock. Linear actuators have one or more types of power supply

Solenoid valves can be powered by air and electricity. A lock actuator is an item that converts energy into movement. It can also be used to use force. The trunk actuator is usually a mechanical device that needs energy, which is usually created by air, electricity or liquid and converts it into the linear motion movement. This movement can be of any form, for example blocking, clamping or many other types of movement. 

Actuators are typically used in manufacturing or industry and can be used in devices such as electric motors, pumps, switches and valves, locks.

For the automotive industry the implementation of linear actuator technologies creates a powerful space for variations.

Moreover, with the help of actuator solutions, most of the automotive production nowadays is assembled with the highest accuracy. This makes the electric actuator to be one of the most important electric mechanisms that support the automotive industry.

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