The largest energy exhibition of north africa The largest energy exhibition of north africa

Egypt Energy is an annual exhibition that is held in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. This exhibition was earlier called ELECTRICX. It is now known as the foremost power and energy exhibition in North Africa. It has been traditionally held for the last 30 years, to globally expand the energy market of Egypt. It is scheduled to be held from 31st October to 2nd November 2023, at Egypt International Exhibition Center in Cairo.

Numerous investors and owners of companies dealing with power and energy will participate in this exhibition. The main aim of this event is to unite the energy sector of North Africa, by displaying all details of the main products of this industry. These companies can increase the numbers of their stakeholders through this exhibition. More people will hopefully be interested in investing in energy, power, and renewable energy. Thus, people need to book their flights from Dubai to Cairo, to attend this event this year while flights from many other international cities are also available to reach Cairo International Airport.

Exhibition Egypt Event 2023 details

Egypt International Exhibition Center has a huge space of 40,000 square meters with 4 large halls and 12 meeting rooms. Thus, it is a perfect place for holding exhibitions at an international level. There will be more than 32,000 attendees from different oil and gas companies in North African countries. More than 300 manufacturers and suppliers will be able to meet each other in this exhibition. There will be pavilions for 15 countries where government delegates and top officials of private companies of those countries will be present.

Since the Egypt Event has been held for the last 30 years, it has benefitted numerous people associated with the power and energy sector in North Africa. Many participants in the previous sessions of this event gained from the meetings held between leading manufacturers and government officials dealing with the oil and gas industry. Most of the previous delegates found this platform immensely useful for the growth of their businesses. Various project managers working in this industry learned more about cost-effective procurement and strategies to move projects smoothly, by meeting contractors and experts in the oil and gas sector.

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About the Egypt Energy show

Egypt has been a major player in the market of energy and power in North Africa. Thus, Egypt Energy is the most important exhibition and conference in the oil and gas sector used as a platform to unify all the companies and professionals involved in this sector. It is sponsored directly by the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah El Sisi so that all these people can exchange their opinions and suggestions for the betterment of this industrial sector. They will also be able to find solutions to problems that they face in the global market.

Participant manufacturers and suppliers are benefitted from the maximum visibility of their products before numerous buyers and expert professionals of the energy sector. They can also educate these professionals about the correct uses of their products. As most national and international visitors will arrive here with the intention of buying suitable products, the number of sales is bound to be satisfactory for all participants of this exhibition. Thus, they can save the time of generating sales leads for increasing business profits and meeting their sales targets. This platform also provides an opportunity to make collaborations with new partners for the industries of power generation, transmission and distribution of power, lighting and energy consumption, and renewable energy.

What does Egypt Energy 2023 offer?

Egypt energy 2022

Egypt Energy 2023 offers the chance to meet agents, distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers operating in the sectors of oil and gas, petrochemicals, electrical power systems, engineering, architecture, public utilities, and real estate. There will also be people from the municipal authority and other government agencies related to the operations of these sectors. Engineering consultants, sub-contractors, developers, and people working in the fields of procurement, purchase, quality assurance, and project development will also participate in this huge event.

Direct contact with these people will save time and energy searching for reliable suppliers or relevant professionals online. Visitors can get updated information about recent innovations in the field of power technology. They will get to know about the developments in the industries related to energy. People can buy various new devices and systems that will simplify their work in industrial fields. Since they can meet more than 300 national and international suppliers directly in this event, there are plenty of options to choose from when visitors need to buy anything from a reliable manufacturer. Therefore, this event offers a great platform for both buyers and sellers in the energy sector of entire North Africa.

Various technical seminars will be held in Egypt Energy 2023 where speakers can send important messages regarding the uniqueness of their products. They can emphasize on the selling points that will make their products more adorable to buyers compared to those offered by their competitors in the market. They can work on definite marketing plans to tap numerous visitors arriving at the venue of this exhibition. Business owners can enter a new market arena through this event. Marketing Exposure Leverage is a 365-day program launched for the marketing benefits of manufacturers and suppliers of the energy sector.

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Egypt Energy products sectors

Participants of Egypt Energy 2023 need to be manufacturers or suppliers of low-voltage cables, protective gears, electrical wires, electronic security systems, automation devices, power cables, LED lamps and other luminaries, communication equipment, insulating materials, transformers, turbines, energy storage systems, microprocessors, batteries, switchgear and control system, electric motors, generators, semiconductors, pumps, and electro-mechanical equipment. Thus, visitors can get different materials of electrical systems, electronics, renewable energy, and nuclear energy in this 3-day long event.

Egypt Energy 2021 was a huge success for all related to the energy sector in North Africa. People discussed the future of this sector, with all the latest trends and opportunities in the exclusive conferences held at that time, covering many useful topics. So, Egypt Energy 2023 is expected to have a better outcome than the previous ones, benefiting all related to this sector.

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