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5 Easy Coworker Gift Ideas for Every Occasion in Your Office

Do you have a coworker whom you admire? Maybe you just appreciate their hard work for the team? Or perhaps you have a coworker who’s going through a rough time.

Regardless of why your coworker deserves a little attention, the best thing you can do is give them a gift that says “I appreciate your” or “I support you.” However, in the workplace, you also need to be careful not to cross any boundaries.

We’re here to help you come up with some practical and effective coworker gift ideas.  Keep reading for a quick guide on what to get someone at work.

1. Flowers

Flowers are all-inclusive gift ideas for coworkers and are nearly always appropriate. Sending flowers to someone to say “happy birthday” or “I’m sorry for your loss” is never a bad way to go.

Flowers are also easy gift ideas for promotions, major accomplishments, an employee of the month award, and more. If you can’t think of anything else, you can always fall back on flowers.

2. Customized Trinkets

Sometimes, the best coworker gift ideas are the ones with the most poignant messages. For example, if you have a coworker who is on the path to sobriety, check out thetokenshop.com for customized AA jewelry and tokens.

Otherwise, customized trinkets like bobblehead dolls, pendants, and bracelets are meaningful small gift ideas for coworkers. The personalized touch will let them know that you put thought and effort into their present.

3. Personalized Coffee Mug or Water Bottle

Speaking of personalized gifts, what’s one thing that almost every coworker uses on a daily basis? If you said a coffee mug or water bottle, you’re correct.

There are tons of quirky, funny, and niche coffee mugs online that serve as excellent birthday gift ideas for coworkers. Some of these mugs can also be customized with names, quotes, and anything else you want. You can find equal success with customized water bottles.

4. Gift Cards

Many people scoff at giving gift cards as presents for holidays, birthdays, and other events. However, these coworker gift ideas allow you to show someone appreciation without making it too personal.

Gift cards can be purchased for restaurants, coffee shops, specific stores, or same-as-cash. Everyone likes having a little extra spending money.

5. Customized Stationery

Finally, aside from drinking vessels, everyone in the office also uses stationary. This includes pens, pencils, notebooks, day planners, calendars, and more.

If you want to make your coworker’s day, buy them a fancy pen with their name inscribed on it. Or maybe you should get them a high-end daily planner to help them organize their day? The options here are nearly endless.

Looking for More Coworker Gift Ideas?

Finding the right gifts for coworkers can be difficult. You want to make your present meaningful, but not so personal that you make them uncomfortable. We hope our list of coworker gift ideas sheds some light on your dilemma.

And if you’re looking for more lifestyle advice or professional insight, don’t go anywhere. Our blog is full of information designed to help people like you succeed in all aspects of life.

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