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What you wear is a form of non-verbal communication. Someone with a lively personality may naturally want to wear bright colours and unusual accessories. If you are going on a date, you may want to “dress to impress” and wear expensive brands. Even with similar personalities, two persons may not want to wear the same thing, and this may be due to their unique body types or their taste. On the whole, what clothes people want to wear and how they wear them go through a thought process and reflect the individual character of the wearers.

Whatever the current trend may be, dresses have been a staple. The importance of dresses in style seems to have been present since humans started living as groups. People have worn dresses in ancient societies such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece. Today, the significance of dresses in style stands as firmly as they did then.


Besides looking pretty, dresses also serve a function, just like with all forms of clothing. The purposes of dresses in the early days of civilizations still hold today. Dresses show modesty since they are simple and singular pieces of clothing that can cover most of the body. However, dresses can also show beauty and sensuality since they can reveal more skin and hug people’s figures to show their curves and angles. Dresses also showed power and status as only the rich and influential can wear dresses painstakingly made with the finest materials and exceptional skills.

For everyday purposes, dresses also have practical uses. Since dresses are single pieces of clothing that cover the top and bottom, the minimum thing you have to pair with them is the shoes, and most times, simple doll shoes work the best. This aspect is a dream for people with no time or energy to think of what to wear but still want to look good. Wearing a well-put-together dress can make you look like you put effort into what to wear when you only literally slid into one article of clothing. Another practical bonus is comfort. Of course, there are snug dresses for special occasions, but there are many more that offer breathing room when you have to be out and about. These include halters, A-lines, maxis, and many more. You can even feel like a princess when you twirl it around.


Shopping is also more comfortable. Men and women alike struggle to find pairs of pants that fit correctly. Some pants could either be too long or too short by a few inches. Some do not taper properly to suit your ankles. The ratio between your waist and hips also comes into play. If you do find a pair that you like, you often need it to be modified to suit your body. Shopping for dresses does away with all these troubles.

The diversity that dresses come in is also vast. Dresses are classically feminine. You can feel quite girly when you put on a floral or patterned dress, or you can feel like a queen when you wear a mermaid dress. However, dresses can also be edgy. You can feel like a rockstar when you put on an alternative dress inspired by punk culture.

Dresses can be unicolored and straightforward, or they can be extravagant and embedded with glitter or sequins. They offer a wide variety of styles that continue to evolve. Whatever your taste may be, there is undoubtedly a dress for you.

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