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Cats stand above many other pets as one of the most common pets in American households. Reports from 2021 state that there were three million households with cats. The only other pets that command so much attention are dogs.

That’s why it’s no surprise that you want to get one yourself. But there are some things you must know before you find a new furry friend.

If you want to do your best to give your pet cat a great life, you must understand what it takes to keep it healthy and happy. Follow the guide below to discover the cat care tips every cat owner must know.

Pick the Right Cat Food

Not all cat foods are created equal. Many cheaper brands use fillers and other additives to add volume and make the price more affordable. While they may not hurt your cat, they may not make your pet healthier, either.

It pays to invest in high-quality food where you can. Look for reviews on cat food products to see which ones of the best in the industry.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune doing this. But you can look for cat food products that provide excellent value for the money and end up with a healthier cat.

You’ll also probably find that your cat is more likely to eat certain foods. Be sure to experiment to find your pet’s taste and give it the food it wants.

Find the Right Water Bowl

Finding the right water bowl is critical if you want your cat to drink enough water during the day. Even though some cats will do fine with a regular water bowl, others require more consideration.

Some cats prefer to drink running water. You’ll see them running to the sink when it’s running because that’s when they want to drink. They’ll ignore their regular water bowl in the meantime.

You can purchase running water bowls for cats like this. There is a constant stream of water running for them, so they’ll have no problem drinking from their water bowl.

Cat-Proof Your Home

Cats can be mischievous little creatures. They like to jump on counters, knock things over, and chew on plants. And those are only a few of the things you can expect when you get a cat.

You can avoid several future headaches by cat-proofing your home. Remove items that can cause problems from your cat’s reach to prevent a disaster from happening.

You can introduce those items back in time as you train your cat to ignore dangerous stuff. But you’ll need to constantly work with your cat to be sure it understands what’s off-limits in your home.

Take Care of Scratching Behavior

There’s no getting around a cat that scratches objects. A cat’s claws are critical to its well-being, which means they keep them in shape. They do this by scratching things.

The problem is that they’ll do this on anything they can find if you don’t give them the proper outlet. To solve this problem, you can purchase cat toys and objects that allow them to scratch.

One popular way to do this is a scratching tower. These objects give your cat a place to climb and sharpen its nails.

Play With Your Cat

There’s a common trend of people thinking that cats are solitary animals. While it is true that cats are willing to spend time alone, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to interact with people.

Cats are still social animals and want to interact with you. Be sure you spend time playing with your cat and giving it attention every day.

You can also purchase several cat toys to make things more fun. Cats enjoy chasing, so cat owners commonly buy string toys. There are also many unique toys to find, so check out the toy section at a pet shop to see your options.

Invest in Grooming

Cats do a great job of grooming themselves on their own. Even without care, they’ll keep themselves clean and their hair and shape. But that doesn’t mean you should sit back and do nothing.

Cats regularly ingest their hairs and other particles when grooming themselves. Those hairs can wreak havoc on their digestive systems and cause further issues. Take care to groom your cat’s fur to reduce the amount of hair they ingest.

You can also help with nail trimming, teeth cleaning, and ear cleaning. Do everything possible to keep your cat’s hygiene in great shape.

Provide a Safe Space

It can be challenging for a cat to get comfortable in a new space. They’re surrounded by new stuff and may not understand how to handle themselves. Some cats will do fine, but others will get stressed out.

Offering your cat a safe space can solve this problem. Set up an area of your home where your cat can be alone. 

The same is true for litter boxes. A litter box offers a safe space for your cat to go and use the bathroom, so don’t go without one in your home.

Find a Great Vet

You shouldn’t go on your cat’s current behavior to determine if it is healthy. You never know what problems are hidden and the precautions you should take to keep a healthy cat.

Getting your cat to a vet regularly will help keep it healthy. Find local veterinary care for cats to find a partner who can help. An expert cat vet can help you handle common preventative care and tell you if there’s anything wrong that you should worry about.

Do Everything You Can for Your Pet Cat

You’re making a big commitment when you get a pet cat. You need to care for it, feed it, play with it, and be sure it stays healthy. All of that requires you to learn what caring for a cat takes.

Luckily, you now understand what it takes to keep your cat in fantastic shape. Remember the guide above to make sure your cat remains happy in the future.

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