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Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spread across America people have decided to make summer plans that are a little closer to home. Road trips, vacation homes, and camping trips provide a great way to get the kids out of the house in a safe environment.

Camping can be a great experience for children to connect with nature and experience the outdoors away from screens. If you’re planning a camping trip with the kids the guide has a camping with kids checklist you don’t want to miss.

1. Glow Sticks

Yes, that’s right glow sticks are on our list, and here’s why. Kids love glow sticks. They love to crack them and play with them at night.

For parents, this is one of the best camping hacks with kids. Glow sticks help parents keep tabs on your child after dark.

2. Pocket Knife

A good pocket knife is one of the camping essentials with kids. OTF switchblades are the perfect knife for camping because they are easy to use. Use your pocket knife to cut rope, split kindling for the fire, or help out with food preparation.

It’s always better to have brought your pocket knife with you than to forget it and wish you had brought it.

3. Beach Ball

An inflatable beach ball should be your camping with kids packing list. It doesn’t take up much space since you can deflate it when traveling and it works for so many situations.

If it rains on your camping trip the kids can play with the beach ball in the tent or cabin. If there is a lake or body of water a beach ball can be used in the water. And a beach ball is perfect for kicking around on dry land too.

Pack an inflatable beach ball on your next camping trip with the kids. You’ll be glad you did.

4. Life Vest

Speaking of bodies of water, alife vest is definitely one of the things needed for camping with kids. Simply put life vests save lives.

Children can be busy on camping trips and it can be hard to keep up with them when so many other things are going on. If you are planning a camping trip near a body of water a life vest is a must.

5. Bike Helmet

Most people remember to bring bikes on their camping trip but forget to pack the bike helmets. Make sure you add bike helmets to your list. This is one of our essential tips for camping with kids.

Kids love to ride their bike around in the woods but with all of those protruding tree roots, accidents happen. Be prepared and pack bike helmets.

6. Sleeping Items

It can be easy to forget your child’s favorite sleeping item when there are so many things to pack for your trip. Whether your child likes to sleep with a favorite blanket or stuffed animal make sure their favorite sleeping item is on the list.

Use This Camping With Kids Checklist on Your Next Trip

Camping with your kids is a great vacation during the pandemic. The items on this list are not your average items found on most camping with kids checklist but pack these items and you’re sure to have a great camping trip with the kids.

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